Carrier Greenspeed Quote

mcdmusicSeptember 12, 2012

I think the quote is high, whats your thoughts?

Location Northern Virginia

I have two working units that we are looking to replace. They are builder grade Carrier 1997 2.5 ton downstairs and 2 ton upstairs. Currently A/C and Natural Gas furnaces. Reusing linesets, reusing humidifier I installed 2 years ago, no other major changes. Working space is open attic and utility closet.


Carrier Infinity 20 25VNA030

Infinity 80 58cva090


Thermostat SYSTXCCUID01


-$1000 off, -$1100 carrier



Carrier Infinity 20 25VNA024

Infinity 80 58cva070


Thermostat SYSTXCCUID01


-$1000 off, -$1100 carrier


Both Units 20,600 (10% for both together)

Grand total $18630

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You shouldn't be going with the Carrier Greenspeed if you have natural gas. Either gas-furance with a/c or regular heatpump would be plenty fine. I would prefer a 95% efficient gas furnace. If not 95% gas then definitely get a heatpump upgrade over the straight A/C.

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Very poor equipment choice selection!

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You have nat gas service or propane?

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Natural Gas, and currently have a gas furnace up and down. He said that he didn't recommend the 95% in the attic due to condensate freeze up. I have another quote from them for a lower system, but he was pushing the greenspeed dual-fuel solution. I left the quote at the office, i will post that one tomorrow.

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Greenspeed dual fuel? With NG, that is nuts.

I am going to make some assumptions. 1997 house, 2500 sqft, NG rate .80 a therm, electric .15 a kwh.

Last winter - $400 in NG, this summer $400 in a/c.
You have 80% NG now and seer 10 a/c.

For something more like 70% of what you were quoted, you could get a 90% up, 95% down, seer 15 heat pump dual fuel. (Or just skip the dual fuel)

Your winter would be $300, summer $300.
Do what is proposed and you would be winter $350, summer $290. Does that sound worth $5000 extra - overall paying more?

Best financial decision is to leave it all alone.... What is your motivation to change it out?

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Your nearly correct on Sq footage, we are around 3000sqft but 1/3 of that is walkout basement. Only 7 ducts on the upstairs unit, 13 on basement/main floor.

January 2012 which was mild we used $237.14=237.3 Therms in NG (also includes stove/oven, and water heater).
June-July 2012 $294=2509kw

The wife is stay at home mom so the house is always cooled or heated. The upstairs unit is a Frankenstein with a Goodman evap and the rest carrier. This summer I personally replaced both contactors (went out within 3 days of eachother). And the condenser fans are needing replacement, getting stuck every once in while. In summer during hot days the upstairs unit runs from 8am-midnight set at 75 nearing 80. Another project is the attic needs better ventilation, 130+ in the attic during those days. Currently soffit and ridgevent, but not enough airflow.

I normally do everything myself, so their is a current benefit to the system being very simple. So your saying wait till the compressors give out or the downstairs evap springs a leak.

Other quote
Carrier Infinity 17 24ANB736
Infinity 80 58cva090
Thermostat SYSTXCCUID01

Carrier Infinity 17 24ANB724
Infinity 80 58cva070
Thermostat SYSTXCCUID01

Grand total $13590

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The furnace quoted on downstairs system is oversized unless there are specific details not spelled out.

And why not a 95% eff furnace for downstairs system?


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It is better to replace the equipment now before it fails in the middle of a heat wave and you are at the mercy of very busy HVAC contractors. You should also get a small break on the price by installing both at the same time.

Do these prices include the Carrier rebates? If you resue linesets verify they are the correct size. I believe the 58CVA70 is the smallest Infinity furnace. How does this size compare with what you have now?

If you upgrade the downstairs to a 95% AFUE furnace, you may be eligible for a local utility rebate. This will help offset the additional cost.

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In my mind, $18.6k for two hvac systems is crazy high, but that's just me.

If you are re-using all your ducts, registers, lineset, etc., then I would expect to pay at most $5k per 2-ton hvac system. This would be for mid-level equipment (not the low end) at around 14.5 SEER.

Then again, I'm just a homeowner in SoCal with a house that's half your size.

Also, I told my wife and kids to learn to deal with no a/c in the house while I figure out what to do. I'm not dropping $7k for a new 3-ton system with new ducts, new linesets, and new everything without knowing what I'm getting.

Furthermore, I already saved $85 this month by not having a/c. The kids are using the pool more and we sleep with windows open.

This is a lesson in adapting to challenges that life brings you...or in this case that I bring to my family.

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The quote is for $13.6K which in my opinion is a fair price for a Carrier Infinity furnace, AC, and controller. You are not going to be able to get this equipment installed for $5K in the 2-ton size. If you did I would be skeptical of the installation.

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Still would go 95% eff on furnace for downstairs-60 KBTU size.


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