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hopesprings_gwMay 31, 2011

But don't know where else to ask the question. Does anyone know of high count cotton sheets that actually have a fitted sheet that doesn't have too much fabric? They all seem to be made with excess fabric, and they don't stay tight on the mattress. We don't have a 'super height' mattress and I've tried the 'regular' height sheets (up to 15-16 inches, which should fit), but they all seem to be made for huge mattresses. I hate having fresh sheets all bunched up after one night. Thanks!

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I have some little cylindar about 3" long plastic, with a slit in the side, sheet holders... You just stretch you sheet tight and slide these over the sheet and the binding on the mattress. They work great and hold them nice and tight. I got them at a mattress store, wish I knew where to tell you to get some. I have 4, I use two on each side of the bed, if you got 4 you could use 2 on all four sides.

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Here are the sheet holders.. not a bad price either. You might be able to find them locally if you have a Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens N Things...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheet Holders

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Thanks, dbfirewife! I'll check them out. :)

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Don't try to find a Linen 'N Things retail store; they were all closed several years ago. They still do business as an on-line retailer, however, at

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