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hvac-newbieSeptember 1, 2012

Hello All,

I am seeking advice. My 20 year old 8 SEER Goodman A/C system has finally croaked after a few years of patching here and there. I am receiving estimates from various vendors. One vendor added a dual fuel system as an option and I am very intrigued/interested in it. The quote I received if for a 13 SEER complete system -hybrid for roughly $6900 using Amana Distinction products. I do not have exact model numbers yet but does that price sound average for this kind of system. The basic system he quoted was $5900 which is inline with the price I received from another vendor f about $5500 but for a 16 seer Lenox system. I also received a quote from what I new to be a high priced vendor. The last vendor offers Kenmore equipment and their lowest system 13.5 SEER is $7470 (not even considering these guys). I have a few more vendors coming today but I wanted to gauge the information I have so far.

For all system is would be a 2 1/2 ton, 10 years parts and labor warranty. I am doing a lot of research this weekend before making a decision and haggling over price. Any input would be very valuable to me.

Thanks everyone.

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Amana Distinctions is low end. Stay away from it.

What is your location?

What is your electric rate and nat gas rate? Dual fuel only works if you can leverage a cheap electric rate vs nat gas. Getting difficult in these days.

Post back.


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