Carrier or Amana Compressor?

crossing23September 14, 2011

Hi eeryone,

After 27 yrs our AC has died. We got 2 estimates 1 is the Amana 16 seers for $4087, and the 2nd is a Carrier 16 seers for $4600. Is the Carrier worth the extra $500?

Also when the Carrier salesman came he said that we should think hard about getting a new furnace. Ours is the original

since 1979.The total price would be $6900.

The first guy just said that we probably wouldn't get the full use of the 16 seers because of the old blower in our furnace.

We only use the furnace for the AC as we heat the whole house with our pellett stove.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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I believe you are speaking of the outside condenser, not compressor.

Post mdl numbers of condenser and matching evap coil quoted.

Be aware on the high eff units, you can not achieve the performance/efficiency capability without a matching var speed furnace.
Now would be the time to replace a 30+ yr old system.

While I don't know your location or electric rate, you might consider a high eff HP system since you heat your home with a pellet stove.


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must replace furnace to achieve high efficiency.

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Get Carrier over Amana. Carrier really is better I think.
If your furnace is from 1979, I would consider replacing.

I"m not sure what your electric rate is, or what part of the country your in, but you should really consider getting a heatpump. I would get the highest-efficiency single stage around 14-15 seer.

That pellet stove is probably great, and cheap to operate, but when its mild out heatpumps do a nice job heating and for a reasonable price if your electric isn't sky high. You could use your pellet stove when below 30 or 35 and use the heatpump the rest of the time. Very convenient and your place won't get too hot like it might be getting currently when you use the pellet stove and its not freezing out.

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