Has anyone installed an oven under an induction cooktop?

Kitten1313January 26, 2013

I know this is talking about appliances, but it's more of a form question, rather than function. Anyway, I was talking to an appliance guy yesterday and he said that he wouldn't recommend installing an oven under an induction cooktop, even if the mftr says it's ok. The reason being that doing so will make the oven way too low, with the door handle going below the toe-kick when open. Anyone have any thoughts or comments about that?

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I agree that it would be really low. I installed an oven under the counter in my island, and it's pretty low. I really didn't have a choice since I had very limited wall space, and fortunately I don't use the oven all that much. But I have to imagine you would need yours to be at least 6"-8" lower than mine and I think that would really be bad.

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I did it. It's not bad at all. This is a really old pic:

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Look at the various induction units - some require more clearance than others.
Our Wolf needed about 6 inches for ventilation - some need less.

Lightlystarched - Not sure I was on board when you did your kitchen - looks nice! What is on the bottom of your stools to keep the floor from scratching - hope OK for a minor highjack....

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That is what I currently have in my kitchen and I can't wait to change it! It drives me crazy to have to bend down to put things in the oven. It is very low to me. Also I have young children and it scares me to death when they come running in the kitchen b/c when taking something heavy out and using both hands I can't close the oven door. If you have any other option I would go in a different direction. The location & how low my oven is my #1 complaint about my kitchen!!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

GF did it in her kitchen...it would be too low for me, but she's fine with it.

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I have a 27" Bosch 500 wall oven beneath a 30" Bosch 500 induction cooktop. My cabinets are Kraftmaid, not custom. The specifications require a 3" airspace between the two. The installers solved the height problem by adding a matching 1" filler strip to the top of the base cabinets and used a small piece of molding to hide the seam. This raised my counters and sink slightly which I like, and it looks fine. To me, the oven doesn't seem much lower than bending for a standard oven in a range. I'm an empty nester, however, so don't bake much any longer and have a small kitchen where I wanted built in appliances to give a cleaner, uninterrupted look.

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Just curious, if you do that, why not just get an induction range?

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There weren't any induction ranges available back when I put in the cooktop (2008). I'm glad actually, as I like how easy it is to clean the cooktop and counter seamlessly together. Although I HATED that I was paying $100/square foot for soapstone that was just going to be cut out. A range would have save me a bunch on counter expenses.

The height of the oven has never bothered me.

The stools have little black rubber feet. You can kind of see them.

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thanks for the feedback. There don't seem to be too many induction ranges out there still.

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There are many induction ranges available! AJ Madison lists 15 and that's just the ones that they carry. You can surely find something on that list that will do what you need! Remember than induction requires a big circuit, 50-60 amps. I would be sure to oversize the wiring used for it (but use the required breaker size) to be able to "futureproof" the installation in case more powerful versions are available at a later time.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison Induction

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I strongly considered doing this in order to put in a 36" cooktop. However, in the end, I found my money went a lot further buying an induction range. I didn't have to spend extra on counters, I'm getting full extension glides in my oven, and I have an extra oven below that I can use.

I also got a lot of feedback about the oven being much lower than a range oven when it's placed below a cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: My range

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I don't have a picture, but our last house had an induction cook top with an under-the-counter oven to its right. It was made to go under the counter/was not a wall oven installed under the counter (there is a difference).

I didn't find the oven too low and enjoyed not having the wall/cabinet area that was removed to open up the kitchen to the breakfast area.

fwiw, I opted to not put it under the induction cooktop because I didn't want the oven handle in my way and I did not want to be standing in front of a working oven due to the heat.

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We have a GE induction cooktop over a GE oven. The full extension racks make the height a non-issue for me. I just measured the distance from the floor to the second to the bottom rack....it is 14 inches.
I also like that the full extension racks in the GE can stay in the oven during cleaning.

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thanks for the links. It doesn't appear that any of the induction ranges have a bridge element, which I really want for a griddle. I will have to look more closely. Thank you.

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i have a miele induction cooktop (KM5753) bought 3 years ago, during my renovation post-katrina. it sits over the miele oven (H4881B). the placement does not bother me at all. what bothers me are the appliances themselves. but that is another thead. (notice the portable gas stove -- our cooktop just went out, to the tune of $1500 for parts and labor to fix!)

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Yikes, nolamom! I have a thread going on the Appliances Forum, considering putting a 36" Miele induction cooktop over an Electrolux wall oven mounted under-counter. (I cross-posted here but no replies.) Hope this isn't hijacking (seems on-topic?), but please tell more of your unfortunate story - either here or on my thread - thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Induction cooktop over wall oven thread in Appliance Forum

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We're in the process of putting in a new kitchen. We had everything all design and just couldn't wait until we see the end result. However, the other day i was at Siemens' showroom and the salesperson strong do not recommend having an oven of any brand built under an induction cooktop. She said that since induction hobs ventilate heat through the fans installed at the bottom of them, putting one over and over will cause malfunctions to both the oven and the hob. And if any customer insist to have a Siemens oven installed under any induction hob, the product guarantee will not be available for going against Siemens' recommendation. I am just so disappointed because we have limited kitchen space and I don't know where else I should put an oven. Anyways, come to think of it, maybe this is the reason for how many of my friends have either a hob or an oven, or in some case, both, turned dead and not usable. Hope this helps! I'd just found your post. Hope it's not to late.

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I know that this is an older thread.

I am planning on doing this (limited space) with the induction cooktop and oven, I don't have my cabinets yet, so I can't say anything about function.

This is from the Bosch site, they state it's fine to do.

As far as the height issue goes, this picture illustrates that the oven is not much lower than the counter. The oven cut out is only 3" below the counter (and that includes the necessary space for the cooktop). So if you have a 1 1/2" counter, the cut out is 1 1/2" from the top of the cabinet. I would say it's fairly comparable to a free standing range.
It took me an embarrassing long time staring at this picture to figure it out.

I hope it helps someone else though!

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I have a Bosch induction cooktop over a Fagor oven. So far, so good (only a month in).

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I have a Wolf 36 inch induction over two (side by side) Wolf ovens. It's a standard Wolf configuration. Still working perfectly after nearly one year!

But it can't be done with all induction cooktops. The clearances for ventilation don't work for all brands. Just make sure it works for the brand you want to use.

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Repac, if you see this, can you post a photo of your setup?

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