Same color as shirt stains, especially on dress shirts

nostalgicfarmMay 17, 2010

I don't know what my problem is. (Besides being a lousy homemaker)

I have always had problems with DH getting grease stains on the front of his dress shirts. Of course, I usually don't notice these until after they have been through the dryer and are being ironed! Now, there are larger stains on the back of his dress shirts. I don't think he is turning around to eat. I am talking about the stains that are a little lighter or darker than the shirt color, but the same color. I have tried using shampoo which works when I pretreat color grease stains. I have also tried soaking in BIZ. My 2 year old son also has a few cotton polo shirts that have the same sort of staining. I don't know what these stains are from, if they are from wear, or soap residue?

I have been using the Costco brand liquid soap. Is that causing my problem? I am considering stitching over to Charlie's Soap. Would that help my laundry situation at all? I don't know if liquid or powder is better.

Also, we got a brand new top-of-the-line Samsung front loader about 3 months ago. The set is the one rated #1 by JD Power. It does do a great job with clothes. I have just been fighting the dress shirts. I doubt it is the washer and dryer causing the problem, but maybe too much detergent or the wrong detergent.

What do I need to do to get rid of these stains, or do I need to throw the shirts out?

What do I need to do to prevent this in the future?

Thanks so much!

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It sounds like the detergent is not dissolving. Check the water level during the wash cycle. Also pretreating can cause this discoloration if let to set in or dry up.

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Are you saying you're having trouble removing them? Or just that new stains keep appearing?

I wouldn't throw the shirts out. I'd pretreat the spots with either a drop of Dawn diswashing detergent, or Goop handcleaner and rewash them.

Then, yes, I'd try a different laundry detergent in the future. And skip fabric softener for awhile, just to see if maybe that's the culprit.

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Dawn helped me. I have it mixed 1:1 with water and apply directly to the stain, then toss into the wash. Sometimes I let it sit a while.

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I had mystery spots on our dark clothing a while back. At first I thought it was food stains that I missed and didn't pre-treat, then (as you did) realized it was on places that food stains wouldn't get on. In my case I believe it was some sort of grease or build up coming off the washer paddles and it dripped onto the shirts in the rinse cycle. I was baffled for a few months and then it seemed to resolve on its own -- in retrospect it probably resolved after X number of sanitary/really hot water cycles.

If the liquid detergent or other additive (like fabric softener) is being dispensed onto the shirts without much dilution -- that could be the cause too. You could try diluting it right in the dispense compartment by adding water, or try a powder detergent and see if the spots stop getting deposited? If it's something coming off the washer paddles, you might have to do some kind of tub clean on the washer.

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