Can I buy an industrial grade washing machine like laundromats?

TiredMamaMay 2, 2013

I am purchasing my SIXTH washing machine in two years. This is absolutely ridiculous and I'm furious. We have had three GE top loaders (replaced by Sears each time and each one of these has lasted 1 to 14 days only--agitator has broken on 2 and then knob to turn it on broke on one and I do NOT stuff the washer at all), and an LG where the computer panel filled with steam the first week and then quit working and one more GE that worked for a while longer. Anyhow, I need a *great* machine and I don't care how much I have to pay for it as long as I know that it isn't going to stop working quickly. I also need something that will wash on hot, not take forever, and be easy on my clothes. Help! Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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Yes you can but it will cost you plenty.

Here's a link with USED laundry equipment and even those range in the thousands of dollars.

If you're serious it might be worth it if you're really rough on your machines.

Also, some washers don't pump out wash/rinse water, they use gravity to empty the tub so look into that.

Electric hook ups might need to be beefed up also...lots to consider so do lots of research.

Here is a link that might be useful: Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Top or front loaders from Speed Queen or - more expensive, requiring likely a special power installation but also more flexible - Miele Professional.


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Thank you both. We are not hard on machines at all. That is what is so entirely maddening about this situation. I have never had issues like this until recently and I think it says a lot more about how things are made than how we treat a washing machine.

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Absolutely. You can treat some appliances with the utmost care and they still will crap out on you.

I'd be looking a Speed Queen. Their top loaders are as old school as it gets and not too expensive. Their front loaders are quite expensive, though. All their appliances are commercial quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example

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Thank you, I will look into that.

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