New Electrolux Models

larsi_gwMay 1, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I know many of you were wondering when the all new Electrolux washers and dryers were due out. We were at all local, high end appliance store getting an awesome new Toto Neorest automatic toilet (the heated seated is worth the price alone, LOL!!).....and I asked them about new Electrolux units. They said Elux told them Jan. 2013, then Feb. 2013, then March 2013, then May 2013...and now they are being told July or August 2013!!!!

Either they are making sure there are no kinks and issues or they are having a hell of a problem with kinds and issues :-O

They are hoping and expecting better performing doors, doors that can stay ajar, when not in use to prevent mildew and mold and higher quality materials on the control panels.

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Interesting Larsi. I asked Electrolux yesterday when I was asking about the warranty and she said they had no information about new washers coming out, so she expected it would be awhile because they would have the announcement before the machines appeared in stores.

I hadn't realized that there was a problem keeping the doors ajar. How then are peope keeping them open to allow the insides to dry out and not get mold? Thanks!

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I've been wondering about the new washers recently myself and I'm glad they are taking the time to make sure they get it right (fingers crossed).

Thanks for the heads up Laris!
I can hardly wait to see what they've developed.

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When the current generation came out, an engineer said on an other forum the Electrolux had plans up its sleeve for even larger units. Similar to the biggest LG washers. We'll see. AjMadison will likely have them first.

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Sherrie Moore

Don't understand the keeping the door open issue. I have had my Electrolux FL for 2 years. No problem with keeping door open to dry out after washing.

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@ buckeyegoldenmom....On every other FL model, you can leave the washer door just ajar a few inches. On the Electrolux models with the "push to open" doors, they are spring loaded, and the doors just fly open and stay very open. If one has a smaller, or tight fitting laundry room, this wide opened washer door is a real nuisance. They need to have a magnet or latch system, that allows one to leave the washer door ajar for airflow, without having to have the door just flung open!

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