Water heater versus indirect watre heater leaking

jimracSeptember 14, 2012

Hi all,

Just curious, we have had a Vaughn indirect water heater just installed in conjunction with our new WM gas fired boiler.

Supposedly, the indirect heaters last alot longer than a typical water heater and less prone to leaking ( 2 plumbers mentioned this to us) how true is this for the most part? I realize, anything can let go anytime; but just curious for the most part what is the general consensus in the industry.

Thank you,


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Everything is based on warranty and last about that long. Indirect is usually better and Vaughn makes good tanks but it all comes down to scale/sediment in your water and how much collects at the bottom of the tank. The biggest mistake people make is draining the tank after a few years in service, letting it sit drained then expecting everything to work fine when starting back up. You can prolong the life of the tank by draining and flushing once a year but don't let it sit empty.

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