Trouble with A/C

RSZ370September 10, 2013

Hello, new member here. A little about the house, it's one story 3000sqft house with two A/C units. There is a small one for the master and a larger one for the rest of the house. So I have some questions about my A/C unit. Bought our house 2 years ago and when we looked at the house we noticed the secondary condenser line was leaking and there was rust color on the stucco of the house. As part of the deal we had the owners blow the lines out. Everything was fine until this year when the same line started leaking again. I've collect the water and it does not appear to have rust in it this time. The line that is leaking is for the larger of the two units. The primary leaks like a faucet that has been left slightly on while the secondary drips frequently. The primary line for the smaller unit barely drips while the secondary doesn't drip at all. Anyway, I called up our home warranty and had them send someone out. He blew out the lines. I also told him our unit was making a noise every once and while. He tried to replicate it but it only did it once. He turned just the fan on and then just the compressor on and neither time did it make the noise. He said to be safe he would install a hard start kit on the unit. Oh, our units are only 6 years old.

So my questions. I'm worried a hard start kit might wear out our unit if it doesn't really need one. I've been doing some reading and it seems they only help but not hurt. Is this correct?

Secondly, even after he blew out the lines it was leaking the next day. I had him come back and at which point he checked the attic. He said my primary and secondary lines were tied together which is why the secondary is leaking. He said the secondary pan was bone dry with dust in it. He believes nothing is wrong with the unit or compressor, or coil but rather that since the lines are tied together that is why the secondary drips when the primary does. He wants to separate the lines completely. Is this wise? It's not cost to me since I'm using my warranty but I'm wondering if this is needed. For now I just attached a hose to extend the secondary line further down towards the ground so it no longer drips on the house.

Also of note, it has been rather humid and rainy here for the last month which i heard will cause more condenser line dripping.

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Often times, I think hard start kits are the path of least resistance when they are not even needed. And it gets worse when this is suggested from a third party home warranty outfit. Those agreements are generally one sided and worthless.

Best advice I can give you is watch the unit over the next several days and in the meantime be investigating a good dealer who could give you a second opinion.

Sorry for your trouble.


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So I've been watching it for the last week and nothing seems to have changed. It still makes the sound on occasion and still drips. I've been too busy to call for a second opinion so far. Should I call the first guy back to remove the hard start kit?

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