Which appliances to buy?

pasmackMay 29, 2011

We are moving into a new home that comes with everything except washer and dryer. I have not yet begun researching this and wonder if anyone has recommendations. I am probably looking at mid to high end. I'm not that interested in a million wash options, but in a really good thorough and fast wash. Same with the dryer. There are five of us, so large capacity would be good. I am not sure about front or top load.

Any ideas?

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5.1 cu. ft. washer - 8.0 cu. ft. dryer.

Wash times can be short or extended (by choosing light/heavy soil levels) along with other settings/options.

I just can't see how top load "he" machines get huge loads clean. IMHO...tumbling clothes makes more sense than a wash plate that turns back and forth with hardly enough water to cover items and there is hardly any turnover.

I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas/opinions here.
Best of luck.

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Electrolux Wave Touch Quick Wash is about 18 minutes. BUT, it is only for small loads, with very little soiling. Dry Cycle is of course, also for small loads.

Most other machines with Quick Wash Cycles are about 30 mins. Drying cycles are either based on a set time you choose, or moisture sensors.

A small load, will dry in about 30 mins in my Miele T9802 dryer. Regular large loads take about 40/45 mins.

I LOVE, LOVE my Miele W4842 and T9802 dryer.

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