Feedback and Reviews for GE WCVH4800KWW (24" front loader)

chanjMay 31, 2013

Hi all - thinking about getting this washer for my small laundry room. Would love to hear from current owners for some feedback. I've googled and read quite a few online, but would love to hear from people on this forum as well!

Thanks in advance!

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It's pretty! We were thinking of getting 24" Asko or Miele units, but their astronomical price points are making me think twice. These GE units would definitely deserve consideration, if they're actually "white."

Does anyone know how white GE's "white" is? We're looking for the "purest" white available (e.g., "Bosch-white"). At least in GE's product photo, they appear white; however, art departments are notorious for color-correcting their product images for publication (however disingenuous that practice may be).

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I read a lot about the Asko's, but so many of them had troubles with service calls / parts, I decided to stay away from the Asko. Sadly, the Miele's are out of our price range...

I've also heard that the Bosch has a lot of service calls - is that true?

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It sounds like you may have been reading the same customer reviews I've been reading. I have no idea about Bosch's service record, and yes, I read many negative reviews as well. Cosmetically, one salesperson did tell me over the phone that the Bosch units are very "white" (as opposed to off-white), and I personally think they're very good-looking. The two have different aesthetics, but I like both the GE and the Bosch--can't really decide between the two.

I did seem to read almost universally positive reviews of the specific GE unit you mentioned--in fact, remarkably so. Many exclaimed how "quiet" the GE washer/dryer pair is. But, perhaps these site comments are "edited," or somehow otherwise, "administrated." Because, the odd thing was that I saw the exact same comments on both GE's site, and on Home Depot's site.

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I agree, all the GE reviews looked "cooked" - I really wish there would be more reviews out there. Would help me make a decision much easier!!! I'm spending way too much time deciding what washer to get!!!

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I know what you mean--this decision is really starting to push me toward the point of insanity.

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We are thinking of the same washer and wonder if you got any more info? We've had a compact Bosch for 12 years and LOVED it, no problems, very efficient. Finally it died and we can't get a part because it's so old, so we're shopping. Looking at GE, Bosch, LG. It needs to be teeny to stack under our still working Bosch dryer. Any advice is welcome. (By the way, I think many negative reviews for front-loaders on Amazon, etc, are because people don't know how to use front-loaders. . .)

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We finally brought the GE washer in Sept. So far so good (fingers crossed). Not as noisy as our old bosch, but also seems to use a lot less water - not sure if that's by design, or something is not right. But the clothes do seem to come out clean.
We "stacked" our bosch dryer on the top (with no stacking kit, or anything. So it's actually just "placed" on the top). Probably not a good idea, but at least it's working now. Seems very steady when it's working (or even when both washer and dryer are being used), don't notice any shifting at all.
If anyone has suggestions on how to stack them more securely, would love to hear it.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that's very helpful. Especially about the stacking of the dryer which we've been stewing about.

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Regarding stacking, initially I wanted to stack my set using a countertop between the two machines. So It would be a base cabinet with a countertop, then place the dryer on top of the counter, securing the machine so it didn't shake off. I didn't do this so didn't look any further into this option, but it still seems like it would work. And it would be easy to pull one or the other out to service if need be.

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@chanj: You could investigate if a current Bosh stacking kit is compatible with your old Bosch drier. If the answer is yes, next would be to check if it can be screwed securely to the top of your GE washer.

The basic Bosh stacking kit w/out the sliding shelf is fairly cheap, and the GE web site probably has exploded part diagrams for your washer.

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