Best value for big FL washer?

cottonpennyMay 13, 2012

Looking for a FL washer/dryer. I've only ever had top loaders purchased by the "whatever is cheapest at the Sears Outlet" type of method. To be honest, they have seemed I guess I don't have really dirty clothes?

I'd like something that gets nice and hot cause DH and I both work at a hospital so get lots of nasty germs. And I want something big because I hate hate hate doing laundry so want to minimize the # of loads I have to do. At this point I usually have just a little bit more than 2 loads per week of clothes and wish I could get away with just 2.

Whirlpool Duet? Electrolux? Samsung?

My mom has Samsung and likes has pretty beeps...

Whirlpool can be bought at Costco which my DH likes due to the extra warranty and rebates...

Or should I just go to Sears Outlet and buy whatever 4.3 cf machine they have with a matching gas dryer?

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If you want hot water you need to get one with a heater.
Each manufacturer has their own idea of what hot and what sanitary is. Some sanitary temps don't seem not enough to be sanitary.
There have been quite a few threads here discussing this.
Asolo's current thread has a lot of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot water

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I got the Samsung WF520 for $850 (on sale) late last year. heck of a price, but the sammy has it's issues, as does pretty much every brand. I doubt I'd be totally happy with any of the brands. One would think that someone could make a washer that did precisely what the advertisements and specifications CLAIM that it will do. I just wish a mfg could be HONEST. For example, the ads say that my washer has a volume adjustment for the chime. No way. It's a mistake. Sanitary temp is over-blown. there is no way to get hot water in the Normal Cycle.

having said that, the unit uses little water and the wash comes out very clean.

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Most bang for the buck? Maybe consider the Frigidaire Affinity line. Built on the same platform as the Electrolux units but with some less features. Some have an Allergy cycle or option that goes to 130F - hot, but still okay for most fabrics.


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I had a Frigidaire it worked fine for 6 years with no repairs until the outer drum suspension went out. Mine was a 2004 model before the Afinity line and had no heater but it cleaned well.

I now have a Samsung VRT steam washer. I got on sale at best buy for like $640. not sure of the model # but it was $999 regular price. its got the sanitize cycle also and it heats to somewhere around 160F. I have had it over a year and its been a good machine that cleans well. A great deal if you can catch a good sale like I did.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung washer

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The Affinity line might be built on the Electrolux platform, but they're not as big as some of the Electrolux machines are. I mention this because your title says you're looking for a 'big FL'. I've had mine for about 3 months and really like it so far. My crew generates a lot of laundry and I'm finding it much easier to keep up with the larger capacity machine. I get hot water when I want it, and extra water and rinses can be programmed. It has some very useful features, in particular the 'shrink guard' that greatly reduces wrinkling. I can also program up to 9 different customized wash programs--a feature I laughed at but actually have found useful, especially when the kids are doing the laundry. They can push "dish towels" and everything just happens as I've programmed it to. That said, if the smaller capacity is OK for you, the Affinity line has some of the features of the 'Lux line and does cost a lot less.


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Mike, if your Sammy ACTUALLY gets all the way up to 160, count yourself very lucky. I have several accurate digital thermometers, and even with 145+ degree incoming water, the Sanitary cycle temp never tops out at the specified temperature--it never exceeds 150 in my WF520.

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Dave I never checked the water temp. I know that the door window is a double layer of glass/plastics and it gets real hot. how are you measuring the peak water temperature of the wash anyhow? On mine the door is locked and can't not be opened once the heating part of the cycle starts.

The Wf331 is on sale this week for $719.99 @ best buy

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cottonpenny - if your old dryer is working well then you could keep the old dryer unless you plan to stack them. That would cut the cost by almost half.

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yeah you could keep the old Dryer if it's still going strong... I kept my old Kenmore 29" wide hamper door dryer. I have never had matching sets since I got my first set at Monkey Wards after I moved into my first place on my own.

when I got my last washer the sales guy was worried I would not have a dryer that matched the washer's capacity but if the capacity of the one that matches the washer you are getting is close to the same size as what you have already it won't be a problem ever.

If anyone makes fun of you for not having a matched set ask them if they are offering you something better....LOL

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Wish that would work, but we don't have a dryer right now either. We sold our last pair with our condo and we're in a rental right now.

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