Thermostat remote sensor location

ricanmdSeptember 22, 2011

I am installing a wood stove centrally in my 2600 sq. ft. ranch (1floor) house. In the same room as my thermostat, very open kitchen, 500+ square foot. I purchased a Honeywell thermostat that cycles the furnace fan periodically to circulate the wood stove heat throughout the house. I can also connect remote temperature sensors to this thermostat. I was planning on putting a remote sensor at the far ends of the house to have the furnace turn on if those areas get to cold. One in a bedroom and one in the family room. Both sensors will not be exposed to outside facing doors. The only caveat is that the far bedroom I was planning to put a sensor has always been a cold room according to my family, also this room is the farthest from the furnace running the length of the duct work. My questions are is this a workable plan and is it a good idea to put a sensor in that room or in the hallway just out side.


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If the room was always cold, and you place a t-stat sensor in there set to the same temp as all of the others, the other rooms will probably get too warm. These are just sensors and not independently-setable, right?

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Normally bedrooms are kept cooler than any other room in the house, makes for better sleeping conditions. If you have a hallway leading to that farthest bedroom, I tend to believe this would be a good place to mount a sensor. The more sensor you place, the greater tendancy that other rooms will over heat. The only problem with mounting a sensor in a hallway, my builder placed the thermostat at the beginning of my hallway and every night when I go to bed, I pass the thermostat and by the time I reach my bedroom at the end of the hallway, the furnace clicks on as I am passing through the doorway. What I am saying is that if you place a thermostat or sensor where there is air movement past it, it may trigger the furnace to come on sooner than what is needed.

Hope that helps,


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How does the thermostat weigh the various sensors? Are they all averaged or does it give attention to one more than others?

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