What do you do with coconut milk? Fiddleheads?

agmss15May 13, 2012

Tonight I used coconut milk for the first time. I made a curry with fish and fiddleheads - lots of garlic, ginger, lemongrass, hot pepper and lime leaves. It came out pretty good. I was looking for something different to do with fiddleheads. I was interested to find that they have local varieties of fiddleheads in Thailand and Indonesia.

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I use coconut milk in rice pudding and have used it in the past in a Thai soup (which I didn't care for, so I won't bother to post the recipe).

WE have fiddleheads but we mostly just saute them. Grandma used to use bacon grease and then crumble the bacon over top the fiddleheads when serving. I used olive oil instead but they weren't the same, so I reverted to bacon.

Another local delicacy is just starting to pop up, morel mushrooms. I don't care much for them but I love to hunt them.



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Wish I was your neighbor - I love mushrooms. Morels, chanterelles, oysters....

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Note that not all fern "fiddleheads" are edible and some are quite toxic. Be sure you know what you are collecting, or buy from a reputable source to be sure. They are never available in the South >

I use coconut milk for ginger soup Thai style, and throw in some chicken or shrimp if I have any. There are lots of recipes on the web for this soup, I particularly want to try the one with sweet potatoes. I also use coconut milk in gluten free casein free baking.


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Definitely one needs to know what kind of fern, mushroom or green that one has collected before eating. Fiddleheads have never been a huge favorite of mine but they were really good in the spicy coconut sauce.

Coconut, ginger and sweet potato soup sound amazing. I will check out recipes online. Thanks!

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