Considering Miele Novotronic W1612

TwollyMay 4, 2013

I am considering the Miele Novotronic W1612 and the associated dryer, especially due to the fact that they are offering a 10 year warranty with the purchase right now. There are a few things I am confused about, though. The website says that it goes up to 95 degrees Celsius, but the Miele sales rep at the gallery said that it only really went up to 70 degrees Celsius because the North American (I am located in Canada) machines use 110V. Why would Miele make a machine that electronically misrepresents the temperature like that if they are such a reputable company? Does anybody else know about this?

Also, I have read about profile washing and was wondering if the Novotronic W1612 would allow me to do this. When I asked the Miele sales rep if you could customize your washes better with this machine, since it shows both spin speed and water level, she said, "kind of".

I want to like this machine, but I just don't feel like I am getting enough information about it. Does anyone have one and have any feedback for me?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't know anything about the W1612 but I'm on my second Miele washer and I've found that in general, appliance sales people are not that well informed about them for the simple reason that they don't sell huge numbers of them. I've always gotten much better information by calling Miele directly and asking them. The number in Canada is 1-800-565-6435.

Good luck with your purchase.

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Thanks richard_f! I will try calling. Is there anyone who actually has a novotronic who has any feedback about it? I think it is only sold in Canada, though.

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I took delivery this week of the Novotronic W1612 and the matching dryer and like you I bought it because of the 10 year warranty promotion. I haven't done much experimenting with it yet, as I have been away from home for work. After reading your post, I fiddled with the temperature settings, and it does allow me to select 95 degrees temperature with the 'normal' setting. Depending on which wash setting you choose, you can also customize the spin speed. Ie. when you choose a wash setting, the default spin and temperature settings show, but you can (within the parameters appropriate for that setting) adjust the spin speed and temperature. For eg. On the 'normal' wash setting, the default is 1200 rpm and 60 degrees, but you can adjust it to between 1000-1200rpm and 30-95 degrees. As for water level, the machine automatically detects the load etc. and gives it the amount of water that is required for the wash. However, if you activate the 'sensitive' option, you can increase the water level and/or extra rinse (which is programmed separately). My advice would be to go to the Miele Canada website, download the manual and read it. It will probably answer most of your questions.

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When you go on the web site, there is no W1612 offered? Is this model getting discontinued?

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@kaismom, it's only available in Canada. You have to go to to see it, and you can't buy it in the US.

It's specially designed to get beer stains out of ice hockey uniforms.


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