Opinions - switch r410 or replace r22

nextchapterSeptember 9, 2011

The compressor in my 2.5 ton 12 seer R22 Nordyne heat pump installed in 12/05 (past the 5 year warranty) needs to be replaced (it is tripping the breaker). I have been quoted a price of $1800 to fix the compressor or $2500 to install a new Payne 2.5 13 Seer R22 unit. (I also have a 3.0 ton Nordyne 13 Seer R22 installed in 4/09 (manufactored in 07) - that is working fine for now) I paid $4000 for two Payne air handlers in 11/09 and they have a 10 year warranty. I will be in this house for 5 years or less. It doesn't make sense to replace just the compressor on an out of warranty unit. Should I install the Payne R22 for $2500 or should I replace the broken outdoor unit and 2 year old indoor unit switching to R410 (keeping the other outdoor/indoor as is until they break).

I have been quoted the following prices.

$5000 Payne 2.5 ton 15 Seer R410

$6000 Carrier 2.5 ton 15 Seer R410

I live in a Washington, DC suburb with a high cost of living so I do think these prices are good.

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It is a crap shoot either way. How long will your indoor coil last? I had one Armstrong coil that was 42 years old when replaced this Summer- and have no reason to believe that it was failed. For a 5 year old system, I would replace the outdoor unit and put filters on the refrigerant lines. HVAC is not my trade, I am just a consumer.

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bus driving is his trade but he's right , go with the r-22 and keep it the way it is.

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Thanks! If I replace the broken unit with another r22 will I be able to get freon in the future? How much longer will my 3.0 unit keep working? What if R22 isn't available in a year or so when it breaks? Do I bite the bullet now and switch the broken one to 410 and assume the other will last only a few more years and switch that one then. I have paid $8000 since 2005 on this equipment. Do I spend another $2500 on an R22 unit and hope to get 5 years out of it?

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R-22 supposedly will be available until 2020- someone correct me if this is wrong. I can by no means assure you that electricity (I do know a little about that) will be available in 2020 to operate your unit, irrespective of the refrigerant.

Here is a link that might be useful: R-22

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Bus Driver - Thank you! Excellent info regarding R22. I am leaning towards getting another R22 unit.

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Also would add to other lurkers out there that the a main reason in your situations the R22 makes sense is that you have a 12 SEER coil.

If you had an older systems with a 10 SEER or lower coil, you would risk freezing up the coil if you replaced with a new "dry" R22 system. That is because the new systems do use the old refrigerant, but they still have to meet current SEER efficiencies.

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Both of my air handlers installed in 11/09 are 13 seer. Not sure what the old ones were. I now know they should match. Maybe this is why the compressor on the 12 seer outside unit only lasted for just over 5 years.

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I am not sure that was the cause of the failure. My Trane XR-12 (From memory, I did not go outside to look) outside units are Seer 11, 12 or 13 depending on the coil and other indoor equipment used.

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