Is Leak Guard protection just marketing? I only see it for Bosch

markbrMay 1, 2009

Like many of you my Washer won't be in the basement, although it won't be on the second floor either it will be on the main floor and of course water leaking is a concern to the potential damage it can cause to the floor beneath it.

The Bosch 800 claims leak protection with the Aqua Guard, is that just marketing?

I'm considering the Samsung VRT but I don't see a similiar leak protection feature listed on the Samsung Site.

Seeing as though there are a ton of people here with second floor machines, I'm sure this is something you took in to consideration.

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They also sell the leak stop hoses at home depot now. They will automatically shut off if the water pressure hits a certain point. They cost about 30 bucks and they are braided metal. I just put them on my Axxis. It didn't stop a minor leak though- the hose got loose on the back of the machine after I had it worked on, the tech put the machine back but then there was a small leak in the days after. We had to pull the machine out yet again and re-seat the hot water hose. Sadly the shut off function only seems to be triggered when the hose bursts or some other high pressure situation happens.

I don't know if Bosch has a "better" version of what is out there, but you can buy at least a basic version of it at the hardware store. I'm not really impressed with it, honestly. Slow leaks actually seem more common than a hose bursting, but maybe someone else knows more about this than i do and can chime in.

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Better safe than sorry...ALWAYS turn off the water conncetion whenyou are done with your laundry until the next time!

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good idea but if you do use those new hoses, you have to turn on the water SUPER slowly. Or it causes the function to kick in and you have to take the hose off to reset it.

Kind of a pain. Not sure i like them... I'd almost be happier turning the water on and off. We got a fancy new all stainless and brass valve box that is so easy to use. My plumber said it would last 100 years, if not forever. We found it on the internet and even though it was expensive, it was an upgrade I'd recommend if you have your machines in a tight spot. it only takes about a 1/4 turn to turn them off and it is a ball valve type. So much easier than those awful dial types.

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Here is the info from the Bosch site regarding their Aquastop leak protection.

If you have not already heard, Bosch has a feature in their dishwashers called AQUASTOP® Leak Protection. AQUASTOP® is designed to prevent leakage and flooding in homes. AQUASTOP® detects leaks in the solid molded base of the dishwasher, shuts down operation and automatically pumps out water before contact with floors. Bosch is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer a high-tech leak protection system like AQUASTOP® in their whole line of dishwashers. A precisely engineered tub and sensor system detects leaks in the solid molded base of the dishwasher, shuts down operation and automatically pumps out water before contact with floors. This eliminates the risk of costly water and mold damage.

Unveiled at this years Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Chicago, Bosch has added the AQUASTOP® Leak Protection technology to their Nexxt(R) Laundry systems. This feature will be on the high efficiency, front load washers. AQUASTOP® sets Bosch apart from the competition in giving the homeowner peace of mind as appliance caused leakage is the #1 culprit for home flooding.

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Most dishwasher and many, many washing machines here in Europe have this feature.

AquaStop (or "Water Protection System" as Miele calls it) is kinda like getting an extended warrenty - you might never need it but if you do - you'll be very glad to have it. These systems work on several levels: should the water level in the drum rise above a certain level, the drain pump will be activated. Any leakage inside the washer will be caught inside the washer and also immediately trigger the drain pump to come on and the water inlet valve to be shut off. Should the water inlet hoses burst, water will be caught by a second hose that surrounds the actual inlet hose, guided into the washer's base where a flood switch causes the inlet valve to be shut. IF I'm not mistaken, there are even two invet valves on each hose - in case one should fail. The system even works when the washer is off (but not unplugged).

HTH, Alex

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One salesman convinced me to go for the Samsung, he said there was so little water in the Front Loading Samsung that flooding shouldn't be a concern, I hope he was right.

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We used the Watts Intelliflow (got it on internet) Sec. Fl washing machine on floor pan and we also installed the Watts which is in a box in wall with hoses hooked up to it and a floor water sensor it gives me piece of mind.
website is

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If you have good Samsung service people in your area, I'd recommend looking harder at the Samsung.

I've had nothing but trouble from my Nexxt 800, which my retailer has agreed to take back after 10 months and no resolution to my many service issues.

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I have a bosch 800 vision washer. There was a small puddle of water (3" diameter) on the floor under the front right corner of the machine. The aquastop switch was triggered (cycle stopped and machine drained all water out of the washer). Took the front cover off the machine and discovered that the water drain cap cover was an 1/8 turn loose. Makes sense that the machine only leaked at high RPMs and heavy loads if the drain cap was slightly loose to let water pass. Ill post a pic of the aquastop switch if I can figure out how. Pretty cool safety device - It probably stopped a small puddle from turning into insurance claim since the machine is upstairs!

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Miele calls theirs Waterproof. I don't think it's anything special, most higher end manufacturers will have this functionality built-in. Some are branding it and making a big deal out of it while others aren't.

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**Bosch is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer a high-tech leak protection system like AQUASTOP� in their whole line of dishwashers.**

Asko has that too. (Not a US manufacturer, but certainly a brand that's widely available here and not made in China.) Theirs is called Aqua Block.

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I can design special shorts with a built-in pee pad that will absorb leaks. I have trademarked this feature as "LeakStop". When I market my shorts, I can say "the only one offering a high-tech leak protection system like LeakStop". The reason I can say this is that nobody else calls theirs LeakStop because I own the trademark. It doesn't mean that other manufacturers of shorts can't put pads in their shorts, they just have to call it something other than LeakStop.

See what Bosch is doing? It's very slight-of-hand marketing.

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Actually I think their claim is that all their machines have it, even the low-end ones (or they don't have any low-end machines :-)

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