Trouble with white bed sheets

Debz89May 30, 2013

I have good Egyptian Cotton bed sheets which are white and grey (by design) and I had little accident with them in the wash this morning :(

I hadn't realised, but someone had put in a yellow duster in the machine. Anyway, I put the load on a 60c wash, and didn't realise the yellow was running out of the cloth and on to my favourite sheets until half way through the load. I paused the wash, took the duster out and restarted the wash. The wash has just finished, and I took the sheets out and the white is now has a yellow tinge to it :'(

I have just bought some Ariel with Actilift Biological powder and some dylon ultra whitener oxi stain removal. My question is, if I use these products, will it take the yellow tinge out? Also, will these products effect the grey part of the sheets? I don't want to lose the pattern on them. Any advice from anyone would be great :)

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it might take the gey out of them, but not all the way. I always say, if a stain ruined something, then anything I do to them cant make it any worse. I will wash them in whatever it takes to get them clean again.

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