Iron stains in white laundry

vgkgMay 27, 2013

We're on a deep well that's high in iron, the water is perfectly clear but does have a high dissolved iron content which over time makes whites a brownish color. Other than chlorine bleaching (which isn't recommended with many whites) are there other additives or methods to use which will get rid of the iron stains? Thanks for all advice.

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Chlorine bleach is a no, it sets iron stains.

A specific product for rust removal is needed.

Or a filter on the household water supply.

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Chlorine bleach will make the problem worse. There are commercial products to remove the iron; I know Rit Dye makes one. For a permanent, albeit somewhat expensive, permanent solution, your water will need to be filtered with a filter specifically for iron.

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Iron Out

Here is a link that might be useful: Iron out

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Thanks for the ideas!

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