replace calypso with? (not draining)

sheilaaus122May 22, 2014

I have a Kenmore Calypso washer (and dryer). I just checked; purchased in March of 2001.
From time to time I washed a queen size comforter in it, and each time, I would tell myself that I shouldn't do it again. There was either some water on the floor,(which never would happen again after I wiped it up) or it was kind of off balance.
However, I did it again.
This time, the next wash I did, when I went to remove the clothing after it finished, some items were actually caught in the rim between the drum and the machine walls.
I did another wash a few days later, and it just shuts off, after filling up with water. (this wash is not a very full load at all). In the manual it sounds like possibly the hose is clogged (my guess is some clothing -- a sock?? is in there??)
I have a service call into our worry-free program with utility company (PSEG) but that wont be until next week.
I am starting to think about- if it cannot be fixed...
I have actually really liked the calypso and for the most part it was pretty problem free and it did a great job over these 13 years.
I particularly liked the express wash which was 22 minutes. Our stuff does not get really dirty or soiled, so it just needs to be refreshed.
What is the current wisdom on the new machines? I like quality, but I don't want to spend lots of money as it is now just the 2 of us ....
I will go look at CR later this weekend I guess, but wondering if anyone wants to share advice?
(and I will report back to let you know if its fixable or I will be in the market)

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Could indeed be a piece of clothing stuck between the tubs. The service manual for this washer is easily found online.

Guess the water on the floor was caused by the comforter filling to drum all the way and recirculated water splashing out of the tub.


Here is a link that might be useful: whirlpool calypso service manual

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Those machines also have a problem with pumps going out. I had a similar problem and had the machines under an extended warranty I paid for after hearing about the problems. They sent out their required service people who could not properly diagnose the problem and after a couple of tries, they said they wouldn't do anything further to repair it. I had a service tech I'd used before come and diagnose it and tell me the only thing it needed was the one thing they hadn't done. I thought I was one of the last to have problems when mine went and considered myself lucky. You've done really well. Oh, if water did splash over the tub -- if it splashed any of the electrical works, the machine may never be right. I think that was what started my problems -- I had a service call to check something (different group of idiots from the same required service company), they found nothing wrong but didn't get the top of the machine squarely over the tub, leaving a gap. Think it got water splashed through that gap and then started having more serious problems.

I decided not to risk another top loading non-agitator, and what I hear was the ones out then were not doing a good job of getting everything wet, much less clean. I went with an LG front loader. I immediately saw a difference in how clean my clothes got. The speed wash cycle on my model is preset to 20 minutes, but you can adjust up or down a bit and add a second rinse (3 minutes more). I use it a good bit.

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This time, the next wash I did, when I went to remove the clothing after it finished, some items were actually caught in the rim between the drum and the machine walls. Not clear by your description where the items were caught. In the small gap between the edge of the wash plate and the inner drum? Or some items flew up at the top of the drum and were hanging over the edge into the machine's outer cabinet?

It's not unusual for some water spillage to occur from the recirculation shower if very large or bulky items are washed, such as pillows that retain air or a very large overstuffed comforter or bedspread or sleeping bag that literally fills the drum to the brim

A widened space between the inner drum and rim of the wash plate indicates a worn/bad u-joint. And/or possibly a bad/loosened hub on the basket throwing it askew, but that would be result in noticeably increased vibrations during spin.

The Calypso is the best-performing toploading HE washer ever designed. The inner drum has a lifetime parts warranty (not labor), with "lifetime" of course defined by Whirlpool per parts availability. Parts are still available last time I checked but have gotten very expensive and service techs typically detest working on the machines.

I love my Calypso and will definitely repair it if necessary (which I can DIY), assuming parts are available. I have some parts stockpiled, need to stash a few more items before they disappear.

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Interesting I was just telling my husband about the comments, and I do think that something is clogging a hose AND that possibly something is askew as you said. we have a worry free contract with the utility company so I will see what happens.
I am not too comfortable trying to repair it myself, especially with it full of water.....
I agree that mostly I LOVE the calypso. a few years ago, I kept getting some error code which now I cannot recall, but they worry free determined the circuit board was broken so they replaced it. (no additional cost :). I will definitely post back. I do have the manual, but that was so kind of you to post.
Thank you all for your comments.

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To update - GOOD NEWS. The repair guy came- he drained out the water and then after taking it apart some more, found the culprit.............somehow a dryer sheet was clogged in the pump. He removed it and the machine is working great. 13 years and counting.
How a dryer sheet got into the wash, I am not sure but I have to confess that I sometimes place them in folded clothing /towels/sheets to freshen the aroma....... I was amazed as I was convinced it was some collection of long lost socks ...anyway, it's working!!

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just thought I would touch's still ticking. happily.

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