Space between hood bottom and cooktop?

azmeltJanuary 23, 2010

I can't seem to find the thread discussing the optimal space between the bottom the the hood and top of the cooktop. Our installer has asked me how far from the cooktop I want the bottom of the hood installed.

We will have a Zephyr Typhoon (36") over an electric cooktop. I want to make sure I take advantage of the cfm of this hood (850), but at the same time I don't want to bump my head into it as I cook, nor do I want to be blinded by its lights because it is placed too high.

I'm 5'9.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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Your cooktop should specify what it requires for space between it and the hood. Have you checked your cooktop's instruction manual? Typically, the clearance is about 30", but I would look at your cooktop's manual. Also, depending on where you live, some building Code's have requirements for that clearance (there was a poster on this forum who failed inspection because the hood was just an inch or two too low, but that is really unusual). So if your kitchen reno will be inspected, you should check if you live in a state with a clearance requirement.

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Zephyr (and other hood mfgrs) will specify a recommended maximum distance from the cooktop for best functioning. Local code may specify a minimum distance. So that's the range of possibilities within which you need to work.

I've been investigating this same question, though my next vent hood installation is a lot further in the future than yours. When cooking, you want if possible to be able to lean forward to have a look at the contents of tall pots on the rear burners. I'm 5'9", and my current vent hood at 23" above the cooking surface is too low to allow that (we have a 7ft ceiling and it's mounted under a small run of cabinet). I'm pretty sure 30" would be fine. Try it with cardboard standing in for the hood edge and see what height allows you to lean in without bonking your head; use pots partially filled with water for realism. Then have someone hold the Zephyr up at that height to see if the lights will be a problem.

If the lights are slightly recessed in from the hood edge nearest you, I wouldn't expect there to be excessive glare when standing normally at the cooktop. But if the height needed to let you check on the back burners does result in too much light in your eyes, you could always hang a strip of coordinating cloth or foil along the front hood edge as a "light shield".

Best luck with the installation!

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Our hood is 30" off our cooking surface (flat electric cooktop) and we have no problems w/bumping our heads or seeing what's cooking. Height in our family ranges from a low of 5'10" (me!) to my DH at 6'5" (someday soon my DS will pass him, but not yet!)

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My appliance company told me 30 inches - 33 inches is the normal distance

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The under-cabinet version of a typhoon says 24"to 32".(I'm not familiar enough with the zephyr line to know if there is some other version of a 36" typhoon).

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Do not exceed the manufacturer's specs. I went 2" higher than recommended (due to DH's height) and regret it. I know it would work better if it was closer...and DH never cooks! I think 30" was the max for mine.

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Thx everyone. I'll do a mock-up with the cardboard--great idea--as well as trying to dig out the installation manual somewhere for the hood!

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