painting metal heat ducts

halley_roseSeptember 18, 2011

Don't know where to post this for sure, so if I posted this in the wrong forum sorry.

I just bought a new house and the basement, isn't finished. We wired it,and sheetrocked it. On the ceiling there is some ugly metal heat ducts. Not sure how warm they get. They run almost the entire length of the ceiling. We want to spray paint them, with Rust-Olem American Accents stonetextured finish. It's $8.00 and we bought 5 cans to start with. It'll probably take that many more. My questions are it says it's for metal, but how will it stand up to any heat? Can we prime it with any cheap primer for metal, before we put on the expensive paint?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Are the ducts galvanized steel or foil wrapped 'glass?

Either can be painted; temperatures won't be high enough to affect the paint.

But if they are aluminum foil wrapped the job may be short lived.

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This should go to the paint forum. Galvanized will probably need special treatment. I would do it with a brush because it will cost less and you can put down drop cloth instead of trying to mask off whatever is around the ducts.

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