Need new A/C head swimming!

jockewingSeptember 17, 2013

My evaporator coil on my 13 year old Trane system is leaking badly. It would cost at least $1,500 to replace the coil, so it seems like I might as well change out the system considering the age of the unit.

Got a quote for Trane XB13 with Hyperion Air Handler including plenum, drain line, start collar, and drain pan replacement for $5,700.

Got a quote for a Heil 13 SEER unit (similar grade to the Trane) with pretty much the same everything else for about $4,500.

I had never really heard of Heil before. I was actually kind of shocked at the prices. The mid range Trane unit the first company quoted was upwards of $8 grand! My house is only 1300 sq feet for goodness sake! Am I being unrealistic? I am going to try to get at least one more quote today, but it's hard with work and the fact that I need to get the AC working so I can get back in my house ASAP. I cant stay there right now in 90 degree heat and 95% humidity.

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To understand, this is a HP system or straight AC?

What size system do you have now?

Your general location? Coastal or inland?

It would be nice to see all complete model numbers for both Trane and Heil quotes. XB13 is low end Trane.

Post back.

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