Carrier gas this normal?

robarSeptember 18, 2013

I have a Carrier gas furnace that was installed one year ago. I have just noticed that sometimes when it kicks on, it will run for a short time.....then shut off and a few minutes later kick back on. The set temperature won't even be met yet, but it will shut off and like I said kick back on. It seems like it will cycle like this to reach the desired temp.....instead of running steady to reach the set temp. Is this normal? Any advice will be appreciated.

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This is not normal. My advice is to have it professionally serviced without delay, as this is gas!


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No not normal. Sounds like your air flow switch may be bad.

Call a technician

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I had a furnace that did that constantly--because of an improper installation, it wasn't getting enough air flow and its 'high limit" switch kept shutting down to prevent the furnace from getting too hot. Has it always done this? If it's a recent thing, it may because you've blocked off some ducts. In any event, it should be checked.

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