Spuma di Sciampagna Marsiglia - Laundry Softener

mielemaidMay 22, 2010

Hi, I'm new here, but I've been lurking for years! I feel like I know some people (like Larsa for instance, and that is in a good way since I agree with her about Miele, BMW, German made products, etc!).

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about this laundry softener I found Spuma di Sciampagna Marsiglia. I live in Sonoma County and found it at my local Oliver's Market (kind of like Whole Foods). It's made in Italy and it's almost impossible to find on the web. It's an HE one (of course).

Anyways it smells GREAT, not chemical at all like Downey, etc. At first I was looking for Lenor to compliment Persil but when I went to my grocery store and they had this, I decided to try it. I smelled all of the laundry softeners that they had, this was the best smelling one, out of all of them including Vaska. Plus it works well!

I threw 3 fleece blankets into my 4240 Miele washer and dryer - forgot the fragrance-free bounce and I did not get static cling.

I used to like Downey but did not like the scent too much.

I have been searching the web for this softener and can not find it. I believe that Whole Foods might possibly have it since this review on Amazon says they have the laundry soap at Whole Foods:


They don't say if they have the softener at Whole Foods. So tomorrow I know what I'm going to do. Order a case (esp if it's discounted 10%). I love the SMELL of this stuff!

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LOL .... Mielemaid, actually can't believe italsilva.com products arrive to America LOL ...Italsilva is not a corporate like Henkel or P&G, rather a regional company.

Anyway do agree with you, the marseille soap scent smells awesome. "Sciampagna" is "Champagne" written with an italian spelling for the french word. Check here their laundry products.I use for my whites this
Spuma di Sciampagna Bianco Puro Extra White . Also their body washes with the same scent are awesome

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It's larsi, not larsa :) I'm a guy, not a her :) And yes, I am a firm, firm believer in Miele, BMW, most Mercedes products, some Audis, some Porsches... I always feel if you buy better up front, almost always the quality is superior and it lasts longer! Our ENTIRE house is Miele, and while no product is perfect (including Miele), the build materials and attention to detail and the performance is amazing!

Thanks for the info about this Italian softerner! I've never heard about this, ever. Even after living in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and have family in Sweden (and spending lots & lots of time there...sometimes too much with my Mother in law :) He he he he).

I currently am really enjoying Purex (Henkel) Sensitive Skin Almond Milk & Aloe Fabric Softener. The smell is so light, delicate and it softens, removes static and leaves my clothes and sheets wrinkle free and soft! So cheap too...like $3/bottle or something like that. We have 3 local Target stores, and only 1 store carries it though!

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Oh hi everyone!! Larsi!!! I feel like I know you already since you were probably the main reason we bought the Miele washer and dryer! I've been reading your posts for a long time!

We were in Germany last year, I used Miele's for the first time ever, and I don't know what powdered laundry soap - I thought it was Lenor! I found out later that Lenor is softener, Persil & Ariel are the laundry detergents. I love Persil and bought it for a great price here EurofoodMart cheaper than all the other online stores, plus a 10 kg of Ariel cheaper than everywhere else as well.

As far as this softener, Larsi, I believe you can get it at your local Whole Foods. Trust that it is great smelling and works well! The Extra White sounds awesome as well hidroman!

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New posterhere. Have you had a good experience with EurofoodMart? I hate to be a skeptic, but those prices are too good to believe!

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Hi & welcome electroluxor! I'm new too (but lurked for ages!).

I really don't know if they're good or not. I just bought the Ariel & Persil (colour & reg megapearls) from them yesterday. It says it's coming and I paid no shipping because I bought Ariel 10kg & both Persils which came to $119. Will let you know when it gets here.

Oh and the GW board says I can't submit this msg w/o changing the subject line. So I changed it.

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Amazon price is good, BUT the shipping a major killer. I have to say that the Europeans' certainly have a much better grasp on laundry products when it comes to detergents and the like. Just the fact that they dissolve so much better than Tide HE for example which clumps in our Miele. I now like the Miele, Persil, and Perwoll a great deal better than others.

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My Whole Foods (San Francisco area) carries the Spuma di liquid laundry detergent -- cream colored bottle, blue cap. I bought it to try on my towels because it was the only liquid on the shelf that had phosphonates. It's priced pretty well (I think it was $7 or $8 for the bottle -- 33 loads) and certainly looks different from the more corporate-looking packaging everyone else has. I didn't really like it though -- it smells like citronella which reminds me of mosquito repellent.

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Huh, that's strange. Doesn't smell like Citronella at all to me. More like lavenderish. It's made by a old perfume company in Italy, and my DH says that "it smells like Italy" to him. Me too. Great scent.

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Mielemaid... would you mind checking the ingredients on your bottle for me? I'm wondering if I have the same scent as you, but just don't personally find it pleasant, or if there is more than one scent option. On my bottle, in the ingredients list it states "citronella oil".

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they have countless scents and formulation ...I'm lost in detergents :). You mentioned a cream colored bottle... the only quality of Spuma di Sciampagna having such a bottle is the Cream Hi Silk Touch :

but it has Violet and Vanilla scents ....

No doubt the regular one in the white bottle smells of citronella

while the Bianco Puro Extra White smells of soap

The Nero Puro for dark fabrics has a rose scent

The Nutrifibra (with wheat proteins to moisturize fabrics, fresia scent and more enzymes to berform better at lower temps)

The Nerofibra for darks (rose scented as the Nero Puro)

As for softeners this is the "Cuore di Rosa"

the Citronellesque one
the Crema Hi Silk Touch softener

and the Nutrifibra one

oh... and I did not mention powders and oxy bleaches ....

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These unusual laundry products are made by www.madel.net
check their product here here ("Detersivo" means detergent, while "ammorbidente" means fabric softener)
They are developed to keep the fabrics fresh longer than usual working against sweat, smoke, kitchen and pet smells

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I had to run out and check what I had :) I have the "regular" detergent in the white bottle and blue cap. The bottle looked cream colored to me, but now that I see it next to the Cream Hi Silk Touch, I guess it was a white bottle after all!

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Wow ... I smelled the regular one today in a local Italian shop. I could not live with that smell of citronella. It definitely smells like bug repellent to me. Not pleasant at all.

For an enjoyable scent experience, IÂll stick with my Vaska which does smell like the South of France to me.

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LOL... I actually came across the fabric softener at a specialty supermarket yesterday and had to open it and smell. Mielemaid was right, it's a pleasant smell, very different from the laundry liquid, which IMHO can double as insect repellent in a pinch!

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Not sure which fabric softener you smelled. The one I smelled had that, oh so pungent, citronella scent - not for me :)

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You know, I'm not sure which one I smelled either as I didn't pay attention to whether it had a name for the scent on the front. I did read the back of the bottle and the marketing blurb said something about the smell of Marseille soap. I read the ingredients list and no mention of citronella oil.

My "laundry liquid" is a different story as we've been talking about. Smells pretty darn awful (which is too bad because it's doing a great job on making my towels feel soft yet absorbent).

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hcj1440, if it was in a white bottle it was the citronella.

It appears there are only 3 fabric softeners (pink one smells of rose, cream one is "High Silk Touch" and white one is citronella).

I pulled this from their site:
A Marseille soap laundry care line, featuring the classic clean scent of essential citronella oil. Spuma di Sciampagna Marsiglia combines the washing power and delicate qualities of Marseille soap with the certainty of obtaining clean hygiene for your laundry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citronella fabric softener

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Hi just bought a case of Spuma di Sciampagna Marsiglia and smelled it today again, in the shop vs Vaska. There is no comparison. Vaska in the bottle smells really chemically to me, not very lavender like, a slight lavender smell.

The bottle I'm using is a white one with a white cap on it, but I can't read what the fragrance is. It does NOT say citronella in the ingredients. This is for the softener not the laundry soap.

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The bottle I'm using is a white one with a white cap on it, but I can't read what the fragrance is. It does NOT say citronella in the ingredients. This is for the softener not the laundry soap.

Yup this was the one I smelled in the store... smelled nice. Not like my Spuma di laundry liquid which is definitely citronella.

I have not smelled Vaska lavender as I got the unscented version of that... although it still has a slight scent so I don't know why they think they should call it unscented.

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For anyone wondering what a "case" price was - I bought it for $63.29 + tax (tax here is 9.25%) & there are 8 bottles in it. It is imported by both sudsofitaly.com & auroraimports.com

The scent just says "parfum" on it.

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This website has the citronella laundry soap on it, as well as the other products.


But I still don't see the softener on that page that I use, it's a white bottle with a white cap.

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hcj1440, Vaska unscented still contains lavender extracts for it's cleaning and disinfecting (I assume). It does not contain additional lavender scent. There should be no scent really when items are dry.

There is barely any when I dry mine with the lavender version.

I pulled this from their site:

Herbatergent uses natural herbal cleaning agents to fight germs and remove soap residue that damages fabrics and causes skin irritation. Laundry stays brighter, lasts longer, and feels softer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vaska Herbatergent

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I also use the Purex Sensitive Skin Almond Milk & Aloe that Larsi recommends. It works nicely. It would be ok with me if laundry companies actually make a fragrance-free fabric softener, but somehow I think consumers would not tolerate it. I'll look for the Spuma the next time I am in Whole Foods.

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I smelled a few versions of this Spuma softener at my local Whole Foods. Ick!! Everything smelled like insect repellent. I cannot imagine anyone wanting their clothes, sheets or towels to smell like mosquito spray! Like maks 2000, I really like the Purex Sensitive Skin Almond Milk and Aloe softener. I still love my April Fresh Downy, but for some reason it has been leaving my towels smelling very funky (but leaving clothes and sheets flawlessly soft, fresh and wonderful)!!

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Livebetter, the herbal desinfecting "thing" is a plain marketing hype. Also the amount of lavender oil used in detergent is no t enough to be effective as desinfectant.

If you lived in Florida maybe you'd find the citronella scent useful ... not a case italsilva is based in the big northwestern italian plain .... not exactly a dry place where nobody knows what mosquitos are LOL

Rice fields and the Mount Rosa

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Larsi, be sure you smell the softener in the white bottle with the white top. That one does not smell like citronella.

On another note, I bought the Spuma laundry detergent for dark fabric and that does smell slightly like citronella, but I use the Spuma laundry softener with it, and voila, it smells great when I open up the Miele washer to put it into the dryer. The Spuma softener smell (very pleasant) overcomes the Spuma citronella smell from the Spuma darks detergent.

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the smell in the body is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than the smell on your clothes.
I know this thread is about the Softener, but a few mentioned the laundry soap.
you'll never go back to another detergent after using the laundry soap: the smell is incredible!!

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