How do I get rid of Mold?

westcanadian01September 19, 2011

There are a number of ways how to get rid of mold in your home.

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), also known as Muriatic Acid, is effective for removing mold on hard surfaces such as bathroom or kitchen tiles. Mix water and HCl in equal amounts and apply to the area that needs to be cleaned. Scrub the mold off with an old toothbrush or cleaning brush. Warnings for HCl include chemical burns on your hands, and irritation to your eyes and nose. Always use a mask and rubber gloves to protect your skin, eyes, and nose. HCl should be kept well out of reach of children and you should use it with great caution.

Bleach water is a safer alternative to HCl. Mix bleach and water in equal amounts and follow the above steps. Use gloves and a mask for bleach since it can also cause irritation to your skin, eyes and nose. Personally I find HCl is more effective and less tedious, but bleach carries less risk of irritation.

Baking soda and vinegar is one of the safest method. Mix baking soda and vinegar in equal amounts, and apply with an old toothbrush to scrub off the mold. This method is best for use on wooden areas since the paste clings to the surface.

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eliminating the moisture source
is the first step.

otherwise you just keep cleaning
the symptom and never address the problem.

mold needs moisture and a food source.

this can be the paper on a fg batt, the backing
of sheetrock..2x, lots of things.

clean, replace or remediate the food source
after stopping moisture source.

put things back together.

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I have a mold problem as well in the heating/ac system. Is mold in your humidifier of your heating system a serious problem? How do you remedy? Thank you.

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honestly, you never get rid of mold, you only rid the most visible parts and THEN you lower humidity, increase air flow, and cross your fingers hoping that the in-wall mold is not growing stronger all the time. You cannot reduce the quantity of mold food because it is all the paper on both sides of your drywall, and a whole lot more.

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Hi guys, thanks for the added infos.. =)

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