Are Bosch Axxis-series washer/dryers' white, really "white?"

studio460May 30, 2013

Sorry, same question as before (as with the Asko units), but now considering the Bosch units as well. Any Bosch owners out there care to comment? We're considering:

Bosch Axxis-series WAS20160UC 24" front-load washer
Bosch Axxis-series WTE86300US 24" front-load dryer

Again [the following is excerpted from my Asko thread], we have all-Ikea cabinetry with Abstrakt high-gloss white doors, which is very white. All of our lighting is 6,500ð Kelvin. No warm colors are applied anywhere in the house, so we're of course looking for the purest white in our appliances as well.

We looked at the "white" 24" LG washer/dryers at a local Best Buy retailer today, and saw that all major-appliance brands' "white" were really off-white: LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool are all off-white (warm). Since we couldn't find Bosch at retail, we're wondering how "white" the Bosch units really are?

Thanks for any replies!

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Haven't seen a Bosch in person yet, but a sales person over the phone just said they're very white. Whiter than the Askos, which he said are more bisque. I don't get the "hidden" door panels with Bosch, but I get white, and a much lower price than Asko or Miele. Hmmm . . .

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