hvac - fan wires - where do i connect black wire from fan to hvac

kindn3ssSeptember 23, 2012

My YORK HVAC (Model #: B188060A06A; SN: NAGM00357) has a FAN Motor which comes with 4 wires: Black, Purple, Brown and Green. All wires are hooked on my AC, but the Black one. Where do I have to put this on?

Short history of how I got to this situation:

As the AC was running cool, the AC or FAN engines start making a noise as if it tried to stop and restart and stop and restart (it will never stop completely). I stopped the whole thing as I didn't want it to blow out.

First intuition was that the GE Capacitor (PN#: 024-25912-000) was no longer holding power as it should, so I replaced it; Issue not resolved;

Second thing done was replacing the Contactor or Relay (PN#: 024-25834-000); As I was replacing the wires one by one, I'm not sure how it happened, but the FAN Black wire was loosen already. I realized that after I was done with all wiring at the contactor. Contactor is good to go - as I was following the picture I took on my phone.

Now the FAN won't start at all - AC is fine, but the FAN. I noticed the Defrost Temperature control electric board (PN: 031-01268-000) had 2 open pins and I thought this FAN BLACK wire will be ok there. It wasn't - It burned some board integrate.

Help?! If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for taking your time to read through my posted question.

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I'd be more than happy to help you but your model number is incorrect. I think you mean a B1HH048 and your missing a number from the serial number. I think the unit was made in middle of January 1998... from what i can tell.

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