LG FL and dryer

firstmmoMay 4, 2010

So, I went ahead and bought the LG washer and dryer that were listed in Consumers as being a top performer. Not that I am that loyal to CR, but I was starting to get desperate about buying within the "Cash for Appliance Clunkers" period that we have here in California.

Model #: WM2050CW Washer

Model #: DLG2051W Dryer

Anyone purchased this pair? I can't remember the thread but I thought someone said that the Kenmores are now all made by LG? Does this sound right?

Thanks for any info on this!

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Was just at Sears shopping for a washer today and in fact, LG does make the Kenmore. Same product, different logo.

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Just wanted to report on my initial use of the LG. Purchased from Best Buy for around $599 each.

Have been in our home for about two days and have run both the washer and dryer constantly since we are washing everything that we owned and put into storage for 17 mos.

The washer and dryer have NO vibration, no loud noises and are seemingly doing a fabulous job. I have only tried the two different cycles--the normal load and the heavy--have not yet tried every cycle that the LG does.

I have been using Persil, 1/4 cup for the whites, and HE type Tide for the darks and colors. Each of these seems to be doing their job. I also use the dryer balls during the drying cycle. I manual set the dryer since I like my items to be quite dry and I am trying to make sure that any bacteria, odors and such from storage are all killed during this wash/dry!!

Will continue to report back, so far am very happy with this pair!!

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Good to hear you are happy with your purchase. I'm just starting to look at new washer/dryer units and will keep checking back in for an update from you! I was wondering about the vibration so that is also good to hear.

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So five months later, still no complaints about my stacked LG FL washer and dryer. Did dog bedding and dog blankies today. Ran the tub clean cycle and all is well. Any extra hair I just wiped out with a paper towel and threw away.

Have only been doing about an average of 1 load per day since my oldest child graduated and moved away so it's not a total workhorse like some families who run 3 loads. Still, it has been very reliable with no mildew smell.

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