LOU! ! Your Pizzelle recipe. . . .

RustyMay 25, 2009

. . . .oughta be outlawed. I finally got around to trying them today, & they are downright SINFUL ! ! ! Light, crisp, delicious, delicate, wonderful, good, tasty. . .

Did I say wonderful and good? ?

Just not enough adjectives in the English language to describe them.

Take heed everyone, try at your own risk! Extremely addictive!

And if anyone has questions about Pizzelles, listen to Lou, he knows what he's talking about.

A great BIG thank you for posting that recipe, Lou. . .


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Sorry I didn't see your Post; till now, I was watching the fights.

Didn't expect all this !!! Maybe, I just took them for granted,
because I have Pizzelles and Biscotti around here all the time for company.
Thanks, Lou

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So where's the recipe guys

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He posted it some time ago, I'm attaching a link (I hope!). It's about half way down. And I hope this is okay with you, Lou.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lou's Pizzelles

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Here is the Recipe again, in case the Link won't open.

There are a couple small changes.

I use McCormick's Flavor's, because I've tried others.
Most of the time. I use " Anise Oil " I buy it at,
Fantes of Phila.

I don't use Vanilla together with Anise Flavor,
like they say in the Booklet.
because I think it Deletes some of the Anise Flavor.

Don't use Pam anymore. I put a few drops of Oil on a brush.

Added another Tablespoon of Oil to the Batter.

I time the Baking, so I am free to do other things.
You know, Like,Test the Pizzelles, with a cup of coffee,
to be sure they are right for others.

I've used this Dough; also, to make Fruit filled Cookies.
Add more Flour and use just Vanilla Flavor.
Roll thin , cut a 4 in. circle, add filling and fold over like a Ravioli, dampen and pinch edges.

Have fun,

Good , Light, Crispy, Delicious, Mouth Watering, To kill for,
Lou's Pizzelles
3-X large eggs
1/2 cup (1 stick ) of melted butter ( not hot )
3 tablespoons of oil
1 cup of Sugar + 3 Tablespoons
4 Teasps. of Anise Extract or 1 Teasp. Anise Oil or
Try a little less first and adjust to taste

1 3/4 cups of flour , add more to thicken
4 level, teaspoons of Baking Powder

Mix well, All the ingredients, except the Flour & Baking powder
Then add them and mix well. If you think the dough is
too soft add a little more flour.
I add until the batter peaks , ( a little stiff ) while mixing ,
and mix with a Tablespoon, to make a soft dough.
I use a Mellon Scoop, with a trigger release, to measure the dough.
I always brush the Pizzelle iron lightly with Oil when hot, before starting to Bake them.

When baking the Pizzelles pile them far away from
where you are working.
Because they are soooo Gooood you will be eating them as you go.
This will make about 40 Pizzelles,
unless didn't listen and piled them too close.
Then you will have about 3 left and gained 2 lb.
Save one for me !!!


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I followed the directions exactly, using the Anise extract (no Anise oil on hand just now), with the exception of the last part about piling them far away from where you are working. Not saying how many I had left! ;>)

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I told you...Lou knows pizzelles!!! They are amazing; I hate the overuse of that word but they are.

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Thanks Ladies:

I don't know if I mentioned ???

They have to be Stored it a tight container, or they wil absorb Moisture.

They usually don't stay around long enough here.


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Would it work with large eggs instead of X-Large?

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Yes, I've done it before.
Leave the Oil at 2 Tablespoons.
Sugar, 1 cup + 3 "level" Tablesoons
3 teaspoons of Anise Extract or
3/4 Teaspoon of Anise Oil
Use 1/4 Teaspoon less Baking Powder.

Cut 1/4 inch off the stick of Butter.

You can adjust the Anise flavor if you want it stronger.
Use heaping teaspoons , LOL
Save me one !

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OMG, Lou... not only do I love these (variation of our family's recipe) but I also have the old-fashioned pizzelle iron (gotta heat it over a gas flame, turn it over by hand and it's HEAVY) and I also have an electric pizzelle iron! Love the photos on the link that Rusty included too!

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Thanks for the fast reply,Lou.

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