5 ton Unit 4 ton A coil

iggieSeptember 30, 2012

At the local hvac tech coffee stop there was quite a discussion going on. One of the group was going to install a 5 ton Trane unit to replace a 4 ton unit where compressor had failed. There were varying opinions, the general consensus was if he is careful and charges system correctly he can use the 4 ton A coil without problems. I disagreed but got little support anytime I have encountered a mismatched setup like this, there has been nothing but problems.Whats the genral take on such a set from the experts out there ?

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I would want a system that was an AHRI match. If not, wouldn't have it or install it.

Now there are matches using a smaller coil to a larger condenser. Generally better dehumidification but not as good efficiency.

Like most things, not a black and white situation. Depends.

I want that AHRI match though.


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what tigerdunes said

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Tiger I feel exactly the same way, the guy doing the install says he is going to use either 427-A or R 421 A says they are so mucm more effecient than R22 that he can easily compensate for any equiptment mismatch. I agree this is kinda of grey area and there are no pat answers. Thanks again for the post. Iggie

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This sounds like a potential disaster. I would love to hear how well or poorly this works after the job is completed.

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