Miele 'Water Plus' where did you go?

mieleformeMay 31, 2011

It's been some time since I've messed around with the programing on my washer (W4842) but I'm certain something has changed. I noticed yesterday that none of the rince cycles had elevated water levels like they did in the past. I selected sensitive and I do have extra rince / water plus programed. Usually water would be just up to the door but not now. I think I had the normal program selected. What might I have changed in the past unknowingly that inhibits the higher water levels? Just when I think I have this machine figured out....well I find out I don't.

Thanks to all my Miele friends in advance...

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That is odd. Are you 100% sure you were not using a Custom Cycle? Custom will NEVER do high rinse/Water + levels.

You can try resetting the machine, Reset to factory defaults, run a small quick load and then re-enter Programming and set the Water+/Extra Rinse feature.

Good Luck.

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Check your program settings. If Rinse Process is on, try turning it to off and try again. Sometimes resetting to factory defaults has no effect, as in the case of my machine. I did notice that Rinse Process can interfere with rinse levels, so I'd look there first.

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Very strange. I did a reset, ran a load ( nothing actually reset btw ) . So I made sure everything was programed as I thought it was, rinse process off, still no more higher rinse levels with the normal program selected. So odd.,.,.,.,.

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Make sure "Maximum Water Level" is turned ON in your program settings. You won't get high "up the window" rinse levels without that.

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Thanks Stava I do have that turned off. However it was my understanding that when maximum water level is selected you will always get the highest water level available for that stage of a program no matter what. With water plus programed I thought the sensitive button would enable the higher water levels, also the extra rinse if programed. Enabling me to decide when to have the higher rinse level on a case by case bases. I guess this just makes the level even higher. Funny thing is I don't remember messing with that function. Guess I'll have to experiment.

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@ mieleforme

This is taken right out of the programming manual:
USA: Water+ and extra rinse: Increase in water level in soak, pre-wash, main wash and in the rinse cycles by selecting Water plus; applicable in the Cottons very hot, Minimum iron, Silk, Mini, Automatic/Mixed load programs, as well as additional rinse cycle in Cottons very hot and Minimum iron programs.As you can see, the water levels are only raised in certain programs when the option is enabled. Here's what it says about Maximum Water Level:
Adjustment of the laundry process for soft water areas. Level III at rinse cycle.Maximum Water Level takes you over the top on rinse levels, and Water+/Extra Rinse will give a small bump in water levels in certain programs. Enabling both options will give you the highest levels the machine can provide, but remember that none of this works if you wash in Custom.

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Yep that was it. Thing is I don't recall turning that off, then I would have known. Whatever, it's back up to the door again, thanks!

This isn't very clear on which programs Water+ & Extra rinse will work on. The programs they list I don't even have (Cottons very hot, minimum iron, silk, Mini, Automatic/Mixed load programs, as well as additional rinse cycle in Cottons very hot and minimum iron programs.) We have none of these on our machines with the exception of silk. Sounds like these instructions were originally for other units. I know it doesn't work with the Custom program but are there any others? Also anyone , how many of you use the Maximum waterlevel feature? Just curious.

Thanks Again Stava

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I use Maximum Water Level because I have a whole house water softener that provides me with soft, conditioned water 24/7. Soft water is not especially good at rinsing, so this option is wonderful because it allows me to get laundry completely rinsed using the two standard rinses. I very rarely use the Sensitive option to add a third rinse.

As far as the naming of the programs for Water+/Extra Rinse, I think the names in the program manual are specific to a different region. I'm not sure why they don't list the correct programs, but here is my interpretation:

Cottons = Normal
Minimum iron = Wrinkle Free
Silk = Hand Wash
Mini = Express
Automatic/Mixed load programs = MasterCare?

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Never use the maximum water level feature. I find everything to be just fine with factory settings.

I do use sensitive for most loads but that's just me being paranoid about any residue.

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