Service mode for Samsung wf448aaw

forrieMay 31, 2012

Does anyone here have information about how to access the hidden maintenance and programming modes of the Samsung wf448aaw steam washer?

I would like to tweak some of the settings, such as water and temperature, etc.


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I highly doubt that either temp or water level can be altered via the software. These are usually controlled via hardware in the washer - that is a thermistor and water level sensor. There are videos on YouTube of people adding water to the cycles by adjusting the sensor.

The temperature? Well, I suppose you'd have to install a different temp sensor in the washer. Temperature is usually measured in a certain resistance value of the sensor - a different temp means a different resistance reading of the sensor by the control board. So, let's say a resistance value of 50 will give you an 80F wash. You'd have to find a sensor where 50 would mean 104F - for example. This is probably doable but... It'll also mean that your delicate cycles would wash in warmer water. A warm wash could get too hot in this case.


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I would at least like to add more water to the cycle. I think it would help. I thought I read about someone adjusting temperature of a Samsung (earlier model) via the firmware. I could be mistaken.


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You can download your service manual. They are great to have around. has most.

Dave was the one who altered his water levels and it was a manual alteration not programming. I doubt you will be able to alter wash temps.

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Where would you modify the washer's water levels? Sounds like you'd have to take the thing apart.

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forrie, if you consider the removal of two screws and the lifting off of the top panel as "taking the thing apart", then perhaps the quick procedure is beyond your pay grade. :)

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In other words it doesn't take more than 15 minutes, TOTAL, to remove two screws, slide off the top panel, turn the adjustment screw CLOCKWISE (don't turn it much! -- mine was fine with .6 of a single turn), slide the panel back on, and install the two screws. DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUTUBE WHEREBY THOSE BONEHEADS RECOMMEND TURNING THE SCREW SIX TURNS!!!

clockwise increases water levels...

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