Purchase Trane AC unit in SW Florida Help

Captgene1September 16, 2012

Hi All

I been reading this forum today trying to educate myself .....Its great info but confusing.... He is my current situation. I have a 10 yr old Rleem 13 seer 3.5 ton single Ac unit. Last years I had a service call on this unit. They had to replace the Run cap .. At that time they told me my condensor is running high at 19.2 amp max is 19.9 .. Now one year later I had another service call they needed to replace the run cap again at no charge.... I watch the tech hookup meter and now reads 20.2 amp. My wife has been complaining about our electric bill since we moved in 2.5 yrs ago...He told me """plan on purchasing new unit soon,since it pulling high amps ,meaning is worn out and can break at anytime"".

True or Not ????

My AC company replacement suggestion is a Trane 16 Seer dual compressor with 3.5 ton 2 stage air handler ,with Honeywell Pro 900 stat.... They didnt supply me model numbers.... They quoted me $6380.00 includes install ,10 yrs parts and labor ...Does this quote sound right ??? .....What model number should I ask for ? Not sure about heat elements ? Air Filters

Not sure If its an XR15 or Xl16I or ????? .I have read on this forum to stay away from the xL16i ????

Called Home Depot for additional quote.....

2nd quote from same company is Trane 13 seer NO other details, installed with 10 yr parts and 1 yr labor for $4990.00 and $880.00 for additional 9 yr labor warrenty ....

Please experts help me so I dont make a mistake and purchase wrong unit and overpay ???? My current unit when working cools the house (2200ft) fine but burns $220.00 per month in AC power ...

Look forward to any suggestions since it my first AC unit purchase. BTW I am located in SW Fla about 5 miles from the gulf of mexico in Cape Coral ...Thanks in Advance ......

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It is not unusual for a run capacitor to fail after it has been replaced. The caps made in China are known to be of poor quality. This assumes the correct cap was installed the first time. I am leary of a tech has has memorized the maximum current draws for your particular Rheem model. I think he is trying to make a sale on a new system. Your 10 year old unit should have more life in it.

If you do get a new system, then your quote must have the model numbers of all equipment. If the contractor won't do this, then find another contractor.

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I think I would want a second opinion before I jumped in on a new system.


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Thanks ALL
The tech showed me label off cover showing 19.9 max and then I watched him hookup meter and its showed 20.2 ..This company has done alot work for some of my coworker All happy;)...This company has good local reputation .. BTW yes the cap was made in China. ..LOL junk parts.

Can someone please tell me if this quote is reasonable. I live in ft myers Fl (HOT) . I currently have a 3.5 ton, 13 SEER Rleem that is 10 yrs. old.Crazy electric bills No heat pump, just heat strips.
I just got quote from this company for a Trane 3.5 ton (XB14 model 4TTB4042E1) with a matching Hyperion air handler (model CAM5AOCH2M31). Honeywell Pro 8000 Stat ,10KW heat strip and they are throwing in a UV light ... I was going to ask them to throw in a media filter too .Am I asking for to much at this price ???????

$6380 .00 Does this price seem right

Also come with 10 yrs parts and 10 yrs labor .... Service /Sale guy told me labor warranty would be though Trane... So I can call any dealer to fix unit. If I didn't call them .. Is this true ?

AM I purchasing a good system. This there any upgrades I should ask for ?
Like media filter ?
Heat pumps ?
Dual heat stripes?
Different stat ?
Am I missing anything ? They are going to be using all my old drain lines and refrigeration piping too

I value everyone input

thanks in advance.

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Prices are very regional but it seems pretty in line.

Your electricity bills may have more to do with your house and not the a/c unit. Honestly, $220 a month is not crazy out of line without knowing details of your house. I am looking at $250 on a rental house with similar tonnage a/c but a new house, new seer 15 systems. But it has a lot of glass and no shade trees. And the renters probably leave the windows open a lot....

South Fl is often warm enough that heat pumps are not worth it but can you tell what you pay to heat the house? If it over $100 a year, then you should definitely get a heatpump. If it is less than $50, you might just stick with electric strips. Figure you save about 2/3 of the cost with a heat pump and it should cost you $600 or so.

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Tigerdune any suggestions on this system


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I received a quote this evening from another large local company. The salesman was the owner. I always like when owner is involved.
18 SEER Trane XL20i 4TTZ0048A100A ,TAM8AOL8V41CA Hyperion air handler with media cabinet ,10kw heat , TCON 900 AC 43UA stat 12 yr parts ... Labor install permits ,

$1000.00 Trane Rebate
Total $5837.00 with one yr service and 2 yrs labor

$676.00 for additional 8 yr labor
This gentleman mentioned new building code included
Float Switch safety control
secondary drain pan
Blower door Duct leakage test
load calculation

Plenum modification sealer with mastic ???? He mention they have to pressure test all vent /returns for leaks and any found leaking would cost $50.00 to seal. Is this a scam or normal charge ?

I have 22 vents and don't want to get told I need to seal all of them at additional $50.00 each

Please advise


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