making soup today

sheilajoyce_gwJanuary 31, 2013

I am off to the store to get some celery and broth so I can make some chicken soup. I bought a can of white beans on sale and a can of diced tomatoes. The chicken thighs are defrosting, and I have a few vegetables, but I like celery to flavor the soup too. Do I dare add noodles or rice? DH hates noodles and rice, but not me!

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Have you ever tried tortilla strips in soup?

They are great! Reminds me of dumplings!

Enjoy your soup!

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I make mine like Glender - it is so good. I also add seasoning from the many, MANY Taco Bell packets that seem to breed in my pantry.

I add either rice or noodles, whichever I have. You could make the rice separately and add it just to your servings. It's too good to only have ONE serving!

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I was going to suggest what KayJ did--cook the rice or noodles separately, and just add to your serving when you're ready to eat. A side benefit? They won't soak up ALL the broth overnight when you refrigerate the leftovers, AND the soup will freeze much better without the starch--if you're planning to store any that way.

You can always cook the rice or noodles with a little stock, if you want them to have a bit more flavor

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oh yea. that is cool. i just made veg. soup with hamburgh and i thought about adding macroni. never did. but adding it to each bowl sounds better than the whole pot. good idea.

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