Organizing Deep Cabinets and Lazy Susans

stir_fryiJanuary 14, 2009

I finished my kitchen severl years ago but recently decided to reorganize my cabinets.

I have a cabinet over my built-in MW with three deep (24") shelves. I have snacks on one shelf (bags of chips, crackers, etc...) and cereal on the next up. The top one is useless unless you are a basketball player.

Items are always getting "lost" in these cabinets. For instance I recently found a Costo sized box of hot chocolate that is about 1 1/2 years old that I didn't know I had -- it was shoved way in the back.

Anyone have ideas for organizing these cabinets.

Also, I am wondering what people store in their lazy susans. Right now I have my baking stuff (flour, sugar, etc.

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Can you add open drawers? I know there are wire basket drawer kits out there, maybe one would fit the shelves? Or even just wicker baskets?

Or how about placing small appliances or items that you rarely use in the back of shelves and then place shallow baskets or decorative open boxes that fit in front of the appliance/item (hiding it) for items used more often.

Just some ideas, off the top of my head. Good luck!

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It doesn't sound like a good place to keep groceries. Where do you keep trays, cutting boards, large mixing bowls, pasta and salad bowls?

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I keep platters, griddle, cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins, roasting pan & accessories, cake pans, and metal rectangular casserole pans over my 30" double ovens. You could fit most of the same amount of stuff over your MW. Notice in the pic below, I put one shelf in and put the griddle (on the right) and platters beneath it and then the tray dividers on top of the shelf. My racks, etc are placed the long way down so they stick further back rather than up so I'm able to utilize both the vertical space and depth.

This arrangement allows me to access the platters easily and fully. The racks, etc. only need to be pulled out from the bottom so you don't have to reach the top of the cabinet.

In my old kitchen, I kept all my pots & pans, cake pans, and a few accessories in my lazy wasn't a super susan, it had the center pole. I had originally planned to have a super susan in my new kitchen and I had planned to put most of my small appliances in it (waffle iron, bread machine, toaster, blender, food processor, etc.). Unfortunately, my DH took over the corner and "made" me turn it into a Pet Center (in a cabinet w/2 pullout shelves turned 90o so it faces the back of the peninusla).

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I like the idea of the tray divider. I actually already have a floor cabinet with a tray divider but it is only 15 inches wide and it is full of my cutting boards and wire cookie racks. No room for the other things like muffin pans.

I wonder if they sell a kit that does involve drilling into the shelf.

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I have a similar space and I put my really big Rubbermaid containers up there.

If you want to put trays and baking sheets, I've posted this before, but they sell racks at The Container Store that you don't have to drill down. I use the wire ones but they also have maple.

White wire:


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