Gentle clothes care - Whrilpool, Elux, Maytag, Samsung?

NorthlutMay 18, 2012

Now that Miele is out of the running, we're back at square one. One of the things that attracted us to Miele aside from reliability is that it's supposed to take really good care of your clothes. I've looked at Consumer Reports and, and they seem to have conflicting information about which brands and models are the most gentle on clothes. Since this is probably the top factor for us, I'd really like to get some more solid information about it.

I think Whirlpool, Electrolux, Maytag and Samsung are the brands we'd most likely be looking at. Front loaders only.

Any thoughts?

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I've got issues galore with my samsung 520, but abuse of delicate fabrics isn't one of them. the gentle cycle is quite gentle and none of our clothes have suffered from being washed during the last 6+ months. I don't know if the tiny holes in the drum are a reason for it being gentle (per advertisements), but in any event, it IS gentle.

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After my time with a front loader, I wasn't convinced it was any gentler on clothes than my old top loader.

Think about the how the cycles are and how little water is used and how twisted up the shirt-sleeves and and sheets end up. I found items stretched and pilled that I never had in a top loader. And don't get me started on high-speed spins and creasing and wrinkling.

In my experience, the most gentle washing is done with a top loader on the gentle cycle with a tub full of water.

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we used to get twisted up clothes in a maytag top loader. our FL doesn't twist things up like the old maytag. funny how different people have totally divergent opinions on the subject of FL vs TL. cheers. btw, u don't HAVE to choose a high speed spin on a FL.

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Why is Miele out? The other thread said, parts will be stocked for 20 years.

Be that as it may, I can't complain about my German-made Duet. Its Wool cycle is certified by Woolmark. The Handwash cycle is even more gentle using generous 26 gallons of water.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Duet Handwash Cycle

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Miele is out because the store won't even sell them to us any more. We asked. We don't want floor models, and we were told that MIele is not even accepting orders for new units any more. I find it hard to believe that they have zero stock in the warehouse, unless they waited until it was gone to announce they were discontinuing it. But regardless, we have no way to buy them.

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The large Mieles are still listed on AJ Madison's site.

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My store mentioned that the last order that will be allowed (for them) is Monday. So there may be another store that can get one more order sheet in. Also, some stores may have warehouse inventory that hasn't been unpacked yet.

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In CA, Miele delivers and installs direct, so I don't think any stores here would have warehouse inventory. I talked to two and both said they couldn't sell them to us anymore, but I'll check with the others in the area I guess. With AJ Madison, do you get the Miele delivery and install?

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I bought two floors models yesterday. another store had them and told me they could order but at full price. I went with floor models that where never used and mint condition. It is a really small miele dealer. I got a great deal. I am not worried about parts and service maybe I am wrong. I have waited for these for a few years. Not about to let floor models keep me from getting what I really wanted. Don't go with electrolux. Please save yourself a headache and I have holes in t shirts from the first wash good t shirts. Nice thick quality. All my clothes have been ruined from my electrolux and they basically said we don't give a crap! The tech said the drums are ripping my clothes. The high spin is putting holes in my clothes. I slowed the spin down to the lowest setting and it was still happening. My Kenmmore front loader never did that. Miele are not suppose to do that. So far so good! If I couldn't get the mieile . I would buy Lg. My brother had them for 2 years in issues and my neighbor has samsung but she is not happy. maytag and whirpool are the same company. I hear they are not up to the quality they should be yet. I would tell you shop around for not used floor models from a small miele dealer. Good luck! If I couldn't buy a miele I would have went with Lg or another kennmore he elite. I had the 4t elite someone told me whirpool had made them I dont know. now supposably samsung or whirpool both make some models. Don't totally trust just consumer reports they said my electrolux where good. That is the biggest joke! I bought the miele over another Kennmore elite to get more than five years. I can say the kennmore elite took a six month old chocolate stain out of my sons t shirt with no pretreater first wash. I was amazed at the dirt that came out of my clothes. It was also a different maker a couple years ago.

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I have the Electrolux wave touch, EWFLS70J and i couldn't be happier, have had it 6 months, very gentle on my clothes. No service calls so far and its been a dream to own and use. Every cycle comes out fully spun out, no remaining water n tub at end of cycle. Or no cycle that never finished, like my old MaytagN eptune MAH9700 front loaders. That were from HELL. every load took at least 50 minutes to spin out, or it would never spin and the clothes would be sopping wet.

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That's interesting, thanks for the feedback rainy5. I do wonder if there was something defective with yours. It seems like if by basic design the machines are rough enough to put holes in heavy t-shirts on the first time through, just about everyone would be having their clothes destroyed, and I haven't seen a bunch of reviews mentioning that. However, that's exactly the kind of thing I was concerned about when I started this thread. I don't want our stuff wearing out prematurely because of the washer. We also didn't have any problems with our Kenmore Elite 4T (yes, it was made by Whirlpool).

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Looking forward to hearing your final decision Northlut...I think we're really in the same boat. If it helps, I strongly considered buying miele floor models but decided against. I'm focusing now on Samsung and LG (ruled out Elux due to UMRP - if i'm not getting Miele I might as well be on the opposite end of the value spectrum). The new models for both Samsung and LG are apparently due for release in the next month, and large sales are expected once the stock is sufficient. I'm waiting to see which company has made the most substantive progress year to year, and the least bells/whistles (like bigger touch screens that show you cartoons).

I'm leaning toward Samsung as they have the DiamondDrum, which at least means they're using Miele as one of their benchmarks.

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