bosch nexxt 500: no spin

mikeonycApril 5, 2008

We bought a Bosch 500 series washer -- top of the line and expensive! -- this summer, and about 50-75% of the time there is no spin at the end of the wash cycle, and it just won't spin at all even if I just reset it to spin only. This leaves our laundry wet, and mildewy if it sits for more than a little while.

The service men said it was fine or maybe we use too much detergent -- insane. We use a thimbleful of HD detergent or none at all.

I am getting ready to throw the thing out, sue the appliance company and get a GE, like the one we had for 12 years with no problems at all, but decided to get something higher end.

Is there something else anyone can suggest? I am disgusted with the machine, the company and the seller.

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I'm looking a purchasing the Bosch WFMC 5301. What model is the one you're having trouble with? Did you also get the matching dryer? If so, how's that working?

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If the water pump won't turn, the drum won't spin. Did the repair tech check the pump to ensure nothing is stuck in it? To check it yourself, you will need to remove the round access door on the bottom front right of the machine. Turn the access cover until it releases. It can be difficult to turn. Once it is off, you will see what looks like a plumbing plug. Turn to the left to remove it. Have towels ready as water will spill out. Once this is removed, look inside. You should see the impellers of a little pump. They should turn freely and have no foreign objects stuck in them.

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