Debating on LG WT5101HW Recall

curious_manApril 28, 2013

I've had the LG WT5101HW washing machine since October 2010 and never had a problem with it. Now I hear there's a recall on the machine (and others like it) for excessive vibration that could lead to drum detachment. At first I thought, what could it hurt for LG to do their fix on it. It won't cost me anything and may prevent a future problem.

But after a bit of research on Google some owners have reported their washing machine working worse after the "fix" (new software and a warning label). So now I'm on the fence about whether I should even call LG. Anyone else in this predicament? Anyone have a good experience with the recall fix? Thank you for your time.

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Basically, LG is just slowing the top spin speed of some if not all cycles (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Do NOT wash anything that is water proof i.e. a bed pad that prevents liquids from seeping through or plastic shower curtains or anything of a similar material.

You can basically do this yourself by using a slower spin speed with bulky items. In doing so you can extend the spin to wring out more water (slower spin with extended spin instead of full speed spin and regular spin time).

It's up to you what you should do but the consensus seems that the "update" ruins or worsens the cycle program.

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I'm not buying the LG story that it's a waterproof item that's causing the machine to self destruct during the spin cycle. I have a water proof gore-tex jacket that I wear running during cold weather and have to wash almost every day during the winter. If it does wind up flush against the drum the only thing that happens in my Miele is that some of the other items come out wet instead of damp, and I remove the jacket and run another spin cycle. I can't see how this puts enough mechanical stress on the machine to cause it come flying apart.

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These machines don't have mechanical/physical off-balance sensor switches. Off-balance is sensed during initial (slowly ramping-up) spin acceleration via rotational inertia characteristics and rotational feedback from the motor. If a bulky or waterproof item that has retained a pool of water suddenly/unexpectedly shifts and releases the water later during spin when full RPM is achieved, the balance that was initially established is thrown off-kilter and the tub may dramatically and catastrophically impact the cabinet, destroying the machine. Luck (or bad luck) of the draw.

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All LG will do is slow down the final spin...I had one got rid of it for other reasons, mine would stop itself trying to spin, just because it could. I watched the tub, not out of balance, but it would stop and give me the UL code

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Thank you all for your replies. I haven't decided what to do for sure, but I'm leaning towards not bothering with the fix. I actually never use the extra high spin speed. And I rarely wash anything waterproof, except maybe a toddler mattress pad now and then.

Incidentally I've never received a letter in the mail from LG regarding the recall even though I did register the washing machine after purchase. I heard about the recall in Consumer Reports magazine.

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GregRod was a certain number of machines made between certain dates that were open to this recall.

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GregRod was a certain number of machines made between certain dates that were open to this recall.

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I am not getting my washer "fixed" because of all the problems people are having afterwards. I will not take the chance. However, I sure will participate in a class action lawsuit. I have already signed the petition.

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