How many loads do you wash a week?

pawprint1April 9, 2013

I'm single and live alone. I do one full load a week. Every other week I do a second load for my sheets.

I don't wear anything white, keeps it simple!

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pwprint, I'm also single but do 3-4 loads per week: darks, a small load of whites/delicates (this is sometimes every other week), towels and sheets. Once I get my new FL I will probably let towels and sheets accumulate for 2-3 weeks so that I am not washing them in small loads. For now the TL in my rented condo cannot do more than one set of king size sheets at a time. I also do spring and fall "laundry spree" days when I wash several batches of seasonal clothing before putting it away for the season ;-) That's usually stuff like sweaters and other office wear that needs delicate cycle and line drying.

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I my self do a load of whites and a load of colors each week.
And every other week I do sheets.

I do have a lot of whites (underwear, socks, sheets/comforter/mattress pad/duvet cover, bath towels).

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I used to do 30-40 loads per week, but no longer. (I did the laundry for the whole farm.)

Now it's about a dozen, including two loads just for pet bedding and usually one or two loads for table, kitchen or household cleaning linens (not a full load of either category in a week; I save up for more than a week so I'm not washing damask linen napkins with my dusting cloths!) . We don't use paper towels or napkins, or at least rarely, and I don't use a DW, so that means a dozen, of more, washable items used each day. Plus we change towels and sheets generally twice per week.

I also wash all kinds of things that many people send out for cleaning.

We are two people, living on a farm.


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