Down to 2 Estimates...

tomdxAugust 16, 2012

I need to replace a 24 year Rheem system in a 1300 sqf, 2 story Townhouse that I rent out.

I'm down to the following estimates....

TRANE ($5,900)

XL80 2-Stage (TUD2B060A9362A)

XB13 2.5 ton Condenser (4TTB3030E1000A)

XB series Coil (4FXCB036AC3CAA)

2-Stage Themostat

10 year parts/Life time Heat Exchanger/1 year labor

Lennox ($6,100)

SL280V (70,000 BTU) (single stage non-vs is about $300 cheaper)

14 ACX, 2.5 Ton 14 Seer

Coil (I was just told it would be matching)

Honeywell FOCUS Pro 6000

5 inch Media filter

10 year parts/20 year Heat Exchanger/5 year labor

Option to extend the Labor to 10 years for $400

My current furnace is 75k and A/C is 2.5 ton... no idea on the SEER

Lennox Rep told me that the 70k furnace was the correct choice because the next lowest is to low for my townhouse.

The Lennox A/C is 14 SEER (Up from the Trane's 13 SEER) because that qualifies for a Utility Co rebate, which makes the 14 SEER cheaper than the 13 SEER... which is fine by me as long as there are no drawbacks. I do have a concern that the A/C is rated at 76db... seems loud to me.

The Lennox Thermostat quoted is a single stage, but I know enough now that I would request a 2-stage if I chose the above furnace.

The Lennox Contractor is used by Costco for installs, been in Business 50 years, is rated A+ by BBB, and has excellent reviews on Angie's List.

The Trane Contractor is used by Home Depot for installs, been in Business 30 years, is rated A+ by BBB, and has excellent reviews on Angie's List. My concern here is that originally they also quoted me a Rheems system. When I told them that's the one I wanted, they came back and said the furnace was discontinued... I called Rheem to inquire, and they said it is currently in production with no intention to stop. Could be an honest mistake, but it does raise a credibility concern for me.

I have to make a decision by tomorrow so that the install can be done next week. I'd really appreciate any comments on Trane vs Lennox, this specific Lennox configuration, and on Lennox in general... I'm really confused.



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What happened to Rheem?

The Lennox furnace is oversized.

I still think the sgl stage furnace correctly sized with high eff blower is the way to go, especiallysince this is rental property. And you do want a pleated filter media cabinet, again since this is rental property.

XT80 on Trane.

I can look the others up if interested.


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The Lennox AC condenser quoted is cheap.

I would want the XC13 model with a sgl stage Lennox furnace.


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"What happened to Rheem?"

Rheem is what I want, but I can't seem to find a reliable installer in my area... or an unreliable one for that matter. I'm basically down to the point where I need to choose between the Contractors and Brands in this post.

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