AC thefts in Houston

planewoodAugust 5, 2011

Heard on the news that thieves stole 17 outside units at an apartment complex. They were caught on video but no arrests have been made yet.

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I guess the police are in hot pursuit.


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It's terrible that there are people out there who do this kind of thing. Fortunately the apt complex that lost those 17 units didn't have anyone living in the units where the a/c's were stolen because they were renovating the building.

But still....

I have even seen cases where people have put wrought iron cages around their systems and the thieves just use a cutting torch to break through and steal the a/c units anyway.

Blame part of it on the high resale value of copper.

I'd like to see the look on their faces if they rip off an a/c unit that uses aluminum instead of copper!

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They got 13 at a hospital that moved to a new building last year off the roof north of here and three more in a shopping center on the other side of town. Pretty sad for people to do such a thing.

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Elderly living in these homes where AC has been stolen have died as a result of the theft.

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