Anyone have a decent looking utility sink in the laundry room

newly_suburbanApril 27, 2009

Hi again.

I am planning to keep my sink in my laundry room as it is so deep and useful for filling buckets, but it is really unattractive...I have been looking online for options, but most seem so much smaller than what I have now.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


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Stainless or not?

I did a custom sink in a kitchen where I had a stainless sink welded into a restaurant prep table. It was an industrial designed kitchen. It ended up being really cool and not that expensive since I had a restaurant stainless place do it. If you are willing to go stainless, it's a highly functional and cool industrial looking way to go. It depends on the house though.

I wanted a very spartan, stainless look. It's worn well too, i did it almost 5 years ago, still looks good.

my 2 cents

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If you've got a good sink keep it!! At my old house we had a double-bowl cement sink. It was really deep and wide and sometimes I really miss it!
Could you have a cabinet maker build a cabinet around it? Not sure what you want to spend but a cabinet with a nice laminate counter would look pretty good.

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Did you find that sink?

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