Oil stain removal test and results

dave1812April 17, 2012

I placed five samples of a mineral oil/white petroleum base medication (desonide) onto a white tee shirt. I soaked each section with :

1. clorox 2

2. Stain Stick

3. Oxiclean

4. Shout

5. Goo Gone.

I left all products on the shirt for 30 minutes.

Washed in hot water with All and Oxiclean powder.

Dried in the clothes dryer.

Inspected the shirt and to my surprise, none of the stains were even slightly reduced, except for the one that had Goo Gone applied to it! That stain was 100% eradicated.

Makes me wonder if I'm wasting my time using those other products for oil based stains.

One note: i didn't rinse the Goo Gone out of the shirt before placing it in the washer. Now the washer has that tell-tale smell of Goo Gone, necessitating a cleaning cycle (Pure Cycle) to rid the washer of the smell. Next time I use goo gone on clothes I'll be sure to rinse it out as best as possible in a sink, before laundering.

Oh, the reason I tried Goo Gone was because I'd read on line about it removing Prep H stains. Desonide isn't Prep H, but I figured it being greasy like Prep H, the goo gone may be the answer.

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My son's best shirt was stained with Chrism (a scented oil, olive I think) when he was confirmed last weekend. I soaked the stain with Dawn dishwashing liquid and let it sit for awhile, then laundered in warm water using Tide Total Care. The stain was completely removed. I would think that any dishwashing liquid would work similarly, especially those that are advertised to be particularly good for greasy dishes.


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I think GooGone is like CitraSolv and made from citrus turpenes.

I have very good luck with regular Dawn dishwashing liquid and oily stains. I dab on a little bit (because it will suds up in the FL washer), gently massage it in with my fingertip, allow to set for several minutes depending on the fabric, my mood, position of the moon, etc., and wash the item in the warmest possible water for that fabric or color.

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I tried Palmolive dish soap (soaked for 15 minutes in pure palmolive) and scrubbed by hand. Didn't remove a trace of oil. I have been trying to find what active ingredient is in dawn that could make a difference. can't find one! got a link to prove dawn has something in it that makes it better for removal of oily stains from fabric, than Palmolive?

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I've had good luck with regular, "plain" blue Dawn (no bleach, enzymes, etc.) but it does require that it sit a while (30 minutes+) to work. I've also had luck getting oil-on-cotton (just vegetable oil, though) stains out with the spray Tide pre-treater and with Persil Color Gel, both of which seem to work a bit quicker than Dawn. I would be interested to see your results with the Tide pre-treater in particular.

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@Dave1812 - Dawn dish-washing liquid is what is used on wildlife/water fowl after oil spills. I think that says it all.

Sometimes stains get 'set' permanently, whether by heat of the water, dryer, or an iron.

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I bought Dawn Oxi today...

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@dave1812 - I'm sure you are aware that the "Oxi" is an oxygen type bleach and might lighten the color in the area you treat. (I've noticed that pastel color garments washed in detergent with oxy bleach are fading.)

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Dawn takes "grease" *out* of your way!

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Most Dawn detergents have ammonia in them. I have found "Classic Dawn", one without ammonia, on the lower shelf at Walmart.
I think it is one meant to sell in Canada because it has French and English on the back of the bottle.
It works just fine taking out every grease stain I've had even those that have been through the dryer .
I just rub it in and let it sit a few minutes and then throw in the washer.

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Thanks everyone. Ill test the dawn soon

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