Issues with my FP washer

hokie1999April 12, 2014


I have a 9 year old FP washer that has been running pretty well. Today it started having issues. During the wash cycle it started beeping. The tub was full of water. I unplugged and then plugged it back in. When I plugged it in there was an electrical/shock sound. I was able to turn it back on and move to the rinse so it would drain and spin.

I tried washing another load later in the day and watched it. Water started showering over the clothes and just kept going. The soapy shower never started, and it never started filling up. The machine was just draining as the water came in. I advanced it to spin, and it did the very slow spin (like it does between cycles) for several minutes, then went into the regular spin.

Does anyone know offhand what might be going on, and if it is cost effective at all to try to fix it? I'm thinking the sound I heard when plugging it in might mean that at the very least it needs a new computer or control panel.

Thanks for any assistance you can give!


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You didn't include the model number. Based on "9 year old" I'm guessing GWL11.

I'm taking the 2nd paragraph to mean that the machine *was* filling (water spraying in from the fill flume at rear/center under the top deck) but "The machine was just draining as the water came in" ... which would explain why the recirculation shower ("soapy shower" from right/rear at top of the tub cover) didn't begin.

First guess is the diverter valve is either bad or jammed/clogged in drain mode (pump running for recirculation but the water drains instead of recirculating).

The control board could be the fault (not sending power to the diverter to make it shift modes to recirculation) but I can't confirm that without examination. The board is not (yet) completely failed or the machine would be non-functional. You'll have to do further diagnostics or call for service.

Your 1st paragraph describing that the machine went to beeping during the wash period with a full tub of water doesn't quite mesh with the 2nd paragraph scenario ... but depends on the exact sequence of events.

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Yes, it is a GWL 11.

The machine was filling, but yes- draining out right away and no recirculation shower.

I am torn on whether it is worth it to try to fix it at this point or just get a new washer. It seems like there might be multiple issues and I don't know that anyone local can service it.

Thank you for your input based on my limited explanation!


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Do you have a handyman-type in your family or circle of friends? F&P washers are fairly easy to service.

First thing is to physically examine the diverter valve. It's a triangular-looking device (should be inside a clear plastic cover) mounted to bottom of the outer tub, near the pump. Two wires and three hoses connect to it ... one U-shaped from the pump, the drain hose, and the recirculation hose leads up the side of the tub. Disconnect the wires and hoses, remove the diverter and examine it for foreign objects (such a screw or dime) or lint/strings. Also observe if the arm linkage connected to the valve flapper is broken. It should read between 700 and 2,500 ohms resistance -- more toward one of the range or the other depending whether it's cool or heated from use. If substantially below or above either end of the range then it's bad.

Be sure to orient the valve correctly when replacing it or the drain and recirculate functions will be reversed.

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Ugh. I know that doesn't seem complicated but for me it is. My husband is sort of handyman, but things usually go a bot wrong before they go right. His feeling is that other things will start breaking. The fill flume is coated in hard water deposits, so I think it's a matter of time before a new one might be needed. I was hoping there was something to just easily reset. I am starting the search for a new machine (a fast search because I have 3 boys and being without a washer is impractical). Depth is going to be our biggest issue, I'm finding. So I hope I can find something that will fit our needs and fit in the space. The FP is so nice and compact.

Thank you for your advice. I might still take it out and look to see if there is something just stuck in there so we can put off a new washer a bit longer.


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Becca, I'm with you on the size. I have a GWL 11 that's leaking intermittantly, I replaced the pump and had the service guy out twice but it didn't leak when he's here. I also have 3 boys and neither laundry piling on the floor, or a puddle of water on the floor are good options.

We have a very small narrow laundry room and I'm having a devil of a time finding a new machine to fit in the same space. Almost everything is at least an inch or so wider and 3-4 inches deeper and it will stick out horribly in the room. I've spent the last few days searching to no avail. I want something reasonably efficient and probably will have to go with the SQ AFN30R front loader even though it's expensive for the feature set and worst of all doesn't have a delay time which I really wanted, to take advantage of cheaper electric prices during the night. Anyway, please post what you decide to get, I'm curious if you can find anything the right size. If I get the SQ, I'll just keep the FP dryer I have which is working fine, even though It'll be a mismatched set. I'm willing to buy a new set, just can't find anything the right size!!!

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For what it is worth, I replaced an old FP with a big new Samsung front loader - with the emphasis on big. If I had it to do over I would have repaired the old FP. These new washers use less water but they take forever to wash a load of clothes, often over an hour.

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