help.. opinions on our new construction install

soonercrewAugust 14, 2014

ill dive right in. we're starting our new home tomorrow. after weeks of debating, we've decided to do a full envelope foam insultion for our home (walls and roof). we live in n.e. oklahoma for those that are thinking about climate. our home is 3050 sq ft of living space (+garage) on a single level. we're being built on a post tension slab. i have read for weeks on correctly matching hvac with a completely encapsulated foam house, and how important it is to be spot on with equipment! whomever we choose for our hvac work will 100% use manual j calculations, and im pretty sure they are suppose to use manual s for equipment (correct me if im wrong)!!! im about 99% sure we'll be going with bryant equipment, due to past experience with their products. just looking for opinions on any of this decision making process.... what bryant line to use, what sizes, 2-stage or not? variable speed (not sure if this extra expense is necessary or not)? do we add a dehumidifier? the furnace unit will be located in the attic, and the compressor will be located on the side of the home. i just dont wanna spend unnecessary money any and all help/advice will be greatly appreciated!!! please let me
know if i've missed any information you may need...

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Heating fuel is natural gas?

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Don't forget Manual D for duct sizing.

Are you going to heat and cool the garage, if not then what is the size of the conditioned space?

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natural gas for fuel (all foam includes fire barrier for code). garage wont be heated/cooled, but will be foamed as well. the actual conditioned space is 3050ft. my foam contractor is well known here, and has done homes for others i know. after speaking with him last night and going over his proposal i feel more comfortable. there will be 4-5" in all walls, minimum 8" on roof down to the top plate, flash coat the roof joists to eliminate any transfer of cold or heat into the attic space, all pre-prep work that will be preformed: Apply caulking to the junction of the base plate and concrete slab
Apply caulking between double and triple studs
Apply caulking to exterior door and window header junctions
Apply low pressure foam insulation to exterior wall penetrations
Apply low pressure foam insulation to top plate penetrations
Apply low pressure foam between the exterior door and window jams and the wall framing
Apply low pressure foam in HVAC wall penetrations

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Start with load calculation.

I would want 986 or 987 Evolution furnace with 2 stage AC, Evolution or Preferrred Model.

Depending on budget you could consider zoning living area and sleeping qtrs.


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A house that is 3000+ sq. feet should have zoning. Getting two separate systems is more expensive but easier to design and install. A single system with with zone controls will work if installed properly. It will require a variable speed furnace. You have to find an HVAC contractor that is good at zoning.

Carrier and Bryant are the same equipment in case you can't find a Bryant dealer you like.

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we we're originally quoted with 2 zones (both 3 ton) until we swapped to full foam... now they are recalculating. im pretty sure its gonna end up with 987m or 986t variable speed for the furnace.

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the new loads after calculating with foam call for a single 3.5 ton unit, or we could go with a zone system using a 1.5 ton and a 2.5 ton. not sure if i can afford to fork over the $ for a zoned system with all the other extras my wife keeps adding. lol...

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Single Evolution system with Evolution zoning controls....

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well... we've made our decision to go with a single 4-ton unit...

going with all bryant:

we're using the new evolution 189bnv variable compressor, 987ma evolution variable speed furnace, cnphp coil and the evolution connex control unit...

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A top of line system for sure. You will need a filter box cabinet. I would at least get a price for zoning controls for your home. Perfect HVAC equipment to separate your home into different zones of your choice.

What size furnace?


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Pretty sure the furnace is 80k btu

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I think that's right.


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