Samsung front-load washer rinse water level

CallaLily1973April 15, 2013

I am looking at newer version of Samsung front-load washers and wondering if the water level during the rinse cycle is better than older washers. I saw SEE THE SPEEDSPRAY DEMO on I am wondering if the newer version of the machines that have SpeedSpray function have the same water level as the water level in the video. Samsung washer owners please comment on this. Thanks very much!

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No way. If you want that much water, you'll have to move to Europe.

The water level will be more like what you see in this LG TurboWash (first of three spray rinses at 18:00, deep rinse around 23:00 min.)


Here is a link that might be useful: TurboWash

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Thanks very much for your reply, Alex. When you say "you'll have to move to Europe", do you mean buy European brand like Miele?

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That was not what I meant but you're actually right - Miele would be one of those deep-rinse washers. My grandma has one. One time, I loaded it with a heavy load of sweaters, jeans etc, added Extra Rinse and - to my actual surprise - the water level went several inches up on the door glass like this Miele.

What I was originally trying to say is that Europe had washers that would save water beyond commonsense. I had an Electrolux that would leave the center of large loads dry during the normal rinse cycles... Today, manufacturers still produce these frugal machines BUT you can easily get around this by using another cycle or adding some sort of 'more water' option.

This is my Duet with German programming on a 203F Bulky Items cycle with a load of towels doing the cool-down (fast-forward to 5:00) cool down.

Be that as it may, more water changes (rinse, drain, spin, repeat) are actually better than just one rinse with lots of water. If you need superior rinsing, look for a machine that provides a good number of rinses.


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Just to be clear, not all Electrolux washers leave the center of the load dry during a rinse. Mine do just fine. I do have the option to add an extra rinse, or if I'm really wanting a lot of rinse action, I just run a 'fast wash' cycle.


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I wasn't referring to the US models but a 24" Euro model without the jet feature.

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I kinda figured.... :-)

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It is uber easy to adjust the water level in the Samsung washers. Just don't go overboard. there is a pressure switch at the top right side of the washer, just below the top panel. don't turn the adjustment screw more than a turn (clockwise) at a time. try one turn and run a load. if that doesn't help enough, try 1-1/2 turns. This is SUCH AN EASY, QUICK, PERMANENT FIX it's just ridiculous that people don't just do it. Takes a couple of moments to remove TWO screws at the back of the top panel and then u slide it off. Of course, leave it off until you have run some loads while making any necessary adjustments after each load. Do NOT make the washer water level too high or you won't get good washing action as the clothes won't "lift" properly.

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