Which washer is best at removing stains (without pretreating each

maria_1April 17, 2011


I need to buy a washer asap. The main thing I want is for stains to come off without having to pretreat each one. I have little people and dh who stain everything with food and dirt. I would also like to be able to rinse as much as I want due to skin allergies. Price is not important and I am open to TL or FL. I just need machine which will get those stains out. I don't mind to soak if it will help.

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I don't believe such a washer exists. No matter the machine or detergent used, you will still need to pre-treat some stains to remove them completely. Oil on dark cotton will almost certainly need to be pre-treated - I don't know any machine or detergent combination that effectively removes this stain without pre-treating.

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Agree with sshrivastava. Does not exist.

You may find it helpful to get a machine with a "profile wash" or prewash option.

I know the LG I looked at had a stain option. It starts the water out cooler and then heats it up (this allows enzymes in detergent to work better).

"Another option is the StainCare� option from LG, which uses multiple temperatures to remove a variety of stains within a single wash."

But you will see even from the manufacturer's website ... some stains will require pretreating. And not all stains are equal.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG - stain removal tips

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I can't get past the fact that oil-on-dark-cotton stains are the most difficult to remove. I cook a lot and don't wear an apron, so this is a type of stain I battle on a regular basis. I recently had oil splatter all over a dark green cotton shirt. I sprayed the entire front of the shirt with Shout, waited 5-10 mins, and washed. Even after doing that, the shirt still came out of the machine looking like it had dark polkadots on the front.

There does not appear to be any laundry additive on the market that can handle something like this. I've read other threads where people claim that adding STPP to the wash effectively handles this type of stain. I've tried adding STPP and it really doesn't do anything for this type of stain - especially since I already have soft water and am probably just wasting the STPP. I've also heard about (but not tried) adding ammonia or a degreaser to the wash.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Never found any detergent that can get out oil-on-cotton w/o pretreating first time, every time. Maybe a boilwash could do it, but I don't have the equipment for that.

That being said, I too get that kind of stain all the time here, mainly from little hands wiping on their shirts. Best two things I've ever found are Persil Universal Gel (dab a little on the stain) and the new(ish) Tide Spray Stain Release. Both those have been able to get out those stains even if I've missed them and they ran through the dryer.

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I am wondergin if anyone tried boil wash to avoid pretreating and it worked?

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sshrivastava - I wear cotton 99.9% of the time. What works for me, in removing food-based oil & grease stains, is to dab on a drop or two (depending on size of stain...sometimes a glob [technical term]) of 'regular' liquid Dawn dish detergent and rub it into the fabric with my fingertip, let sit 5 minutes, then wash on the hottest possible setting, which means 'warm' for my dark colors. I've read it even works to remove motor oil from clothing. HTH

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I have used the Method Free Clear detergent in the pump bottle on oil stains on dark shirts. Just put a little on the spot, rub and wash. The oil was gone. Better prespotter than Shout/Spray and Wash or at least for me.

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I second the Method. I used the unscented Method Smart Clean. Pumped a little on oily spots and washed. Came right out.

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I had excellent results in stain removal without pretreatment using a prewash and a long cycle with high temps (140-190 degrees F). It rarely failed.

I have used Miele 220V-internally water heated front load washers where this is possible. With made for US 120V front load washers the heaters can't heat the water that high so chances are pretreating would be necessary.

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Here y'go. No pretreating required.

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@ cyberspacer

Did you also wash your dark fabrics in 140-190 temps? It's only on colored fabrics where you can see the oil-on-cotton stains even after washing, and I don't think you'd want to wash colors at those temps. No?

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Sometimes, but not usually for the reasons you stated. Usually for white or light cottons that could withstand the high temps, this method worked great. For darks I do pretreat with Goddards dryclean spray. Otherwise drycleaning is the best alternate to remove oil based stains on darks and delicates that require special care.

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I am old enough to recall the day when Shout and Spray-N-Wash was changed to an aerosol can that contained a chlorinated hydrocarbon that could really get out grease stains. It was wonderful to finally have a product that worked with just a little spray. Then they found out the solvents could damage your liver and banned them. The kind of products available were just like before only stronger. They have never worked as well. I have faint grease spots set in the dryer when the products failed me. Wear an apron and get disposable paper bibs for the kids. They really do work. When dh is working around grease he should wear overalls where spots are expected.

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Rubbing a bar of soap can work on an oily stain, the same way Dawn will work, it is a true "detergent", I guess. The hard part for me is knowing that the oil is there or that the stain has enough grease in it to make an oil spot, because you only get one shot at getting these stains out.

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It's easy to pre-treat oily spots and have them come out in the wash, even with clothes that have been through the dryer. The OP's question is not regarding pre-treating, but whether there is a washer (or possibly detergent) that will remove such spots WITHOUT pre-treating.

I'm curious as well, since I have not found a way to overcome these types of stains regardless of the machine or detergent used.

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