My recent experience with Foca laundry detergent.

mihiApril 30, 2008

I recently made a business trip to Houston and while there went to Walmart to see if I could find the HE version of Ariel (Ariel baja espuma). I didn't find it, only the regular Ariel which I already have and which really makes to much suds for my Fisher-Paykel. The F-P needs an HE detergent.

While at Walmart I saw the Foca laundry detergent and picked up the bag (4.4 lbs.) and checked it out. It had a picture of a front-loader in the instructions though on the bag it never said it was an HE detergent.

I've tried it several times now and it doesn't seem to be sudsing-up to much, which is good. I'm using about 1/3 cup of it (this is the powder version). The bag says to use a cup per large load, way to much in my opinion. It gets the cloths clean enough too, but not quite as good as Persil or Charlies Soap I don't think. But its really not a bad detergent at all. And the 4.4 lbs. bag was only $2.84, which is really cheap.

Does anyone know anything about Foca and if it is OK for a machine that requires HE detergent?

Also, does anyone know where I can get Ariel baja espuma, I can't find it on-line (checked MexGrocery) and didn't see it in Texas in all the places I checked.

thanks, Mike

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I've been using Foca (among several other choices) in my F&P IWL12 toploader for a couple years. You don't say if your F&P is an agitator model or a non-agitator AquaSmart.

I've found that dosage with Foca tends to be touchy and oversudsing can easily occur during the EcoActive wash phase. The balance point for me is about 3 oz. (I measure with a 1 oz. scoop), depending on several factors ... including load size, soil level, and whether there's a bit of softener residue in the machine from a previous load. Sometimes I can add a little more to a total of 3.5 or 4 oz., but 4 oz. typically triggers too much sudsing during EcoActive. Three oz. isn't enough for the deep wash phase with a *large* load, so I add more (up to the recommended 1 cup, depending on load conditions) toward the end of EcoActive or during the deep wash fill after EcoActive has finished.

Keep in mind that part of the point of the EcoActive wash period is to have a strong/concentrated detergent solution to kick-start the cleaning process.

I get about the same dosage/sudsing conditions with Ariel and Ace.

Foca with a couple ounces of oxybooster does a great job on my whites.

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Thanks dadoes, that is really good information. I think that 3 oz. might be about right for my size loads. I hadn't thought about adding additional detergent after the EcoActive phase, that's not a bad idea at all for certain loads. Also, I think that Foca does a little better when there is a soak cycle included in the washing, what is your thought on this? (maybe its my imagination, I don't know)
My F-P is a GWL15, the base model with the agitator.

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I tried Foca back when I had my top loader. The version they sell at our local Walmart didn't have a pic of a front loader on it, but it suds like crazy in my top loader with the recommended amount. I advise using caution. You don't want to ruin a good machine just to save a couple of greens on detergent.

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Mihi, I use the Soak option when washing whites as a matter of normal routine. Hot EcoActive (140°F), 3 oz. Foca, 2 oz. oxybooster ... followed by the standard "cold" deep wash with Soak and 1 to 3 oz. more Foca added depending on the load size.

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We have been using FOCA for the past several months in our Whirlpool TL machine. We use less than the recommended amount. We used to use Persil, but we found that FOCA removed stains that had been set for a long time, something that Persil couldn't do. While it can suds up, it is easy to rinse out. We use a double rinse on our machine and usually the second rinse is totally clear. FOCA is also good at washing out old detergent residue from your clothing as well.

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I am out of the subject here, but when you say Oxybooster, are you talking about Oxyclean? If not then what is the name or brand of what you use? I have tried Oxyclean, but i didn't notice any difference in the whites. Also, either that, or the Muel team, made a little discoloration on the back of the drum of my top loader, and i know that that should not happen, so am not sure what caused it. Have only used Tide, Purex, Oxyclean or Baking Soda.

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I love Foca but it suds up in my FL.
I can't find Ariel baja espuma either but the regular one is all right in my washer.
What I found out that more water in washer causes more suds.If I use these detergents without water plus, they work. The extra water causing too much splashing and that makes the suds. So less water for washing and couple of extra rinses w/water plus after works good.

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I agree with czechchick2: higher wash water levels = more suds in my Miele frontloader, too.

RE: oxygen bleaches  I've found Ecover brand powdered bleach to be the absolute best. It's one of the few brands out there that contains 100% percarbonate.

A lot of the other brands are "watered down" with washing soda, which is a very inexpensive ingredient.

Oxygen bleaches need hot water (and time) to work properly.

There are TAED-activated oxygen bleaches that work without heat... those are what's in Persil, Oxydol, and Biz.

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Thanks cryptandrus, now, where do you get your Ecover? I see Biz here in stores and used to see Oxydol, but never heard of the other.

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I buy Ecover powdered bleach from my local food co-op.

I don't know why more stores don't carry it, it's a great product.

Ask at your local natural foods store, they can probably order it for you. Or you could try Amazon.

Or contact Ecover. A link is attached.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ecover Product Locator

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